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ADOPTED! Meet Joey the Sheepadoodle available in Jacksonville, FL!

Meet Joey! A 14 month old sheepadoodle that is a lover of ALL other dogs but please no cats! He is about 70 lbs and 29" at the shoulder. 

Joey is all play, play, play and will require a family that can keep up with his energy. He loves running around with other dogs and his favorite pass time is to be chased!  He will require exercise and often. A short walk or even a walk in general will not be enough for him to run out his energy. He will need someone who…


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Meet Lily! - ADOPTED! A labradoodle in Lakeland, FL!

Lilly is a three year old female labradoodle who weighs approximately 50lbs. She is one of the sweetest, most affectionate dogs.  In her prior life, she was treated as a breeder and clearly did not have a pampered life.  Despite less than ideal beginnings, she has a sweet disposition, is eager to please and loves to be held and petted. Lilly gets along well with other dogs, and is not aggressive.  She walks well on a leash but it is clear she has not been walked a lot.  Lilly has a…


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Meet Morris aka Momo ADOPTED! in Miami, FL!

Meet Morris aka Momo a 9 year old labradoodle available for adoption in Miami, Florida. Morris was an owner surrender due to difficulties the family was facing. He is an AMAZING dog that is happy to lay by your feet while you work or watch TV. He loves going for walks & fetching his toys. He knows sit and walks perfectly on a leash. He is currently living with a 5 lb dog who he is very gentle with. He has no mean bone in his body. Morris does not shed and had has a beautiful curly coat.…


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Meet Ziggy! ADOPTED!

Meet Ziggy! An adorable 7 year old mini goldendoodle looking for his forever home! Ziggy gets along with dogs and has been around cats. He is about 26 lbs of completely loveableness! He loves to go on walks and play for a little bit with his toys but for the most part you will find Ziggy hanging out sleeping on the couch or on his bed! He walks well on a leash but according to prior owner was a bit of an escape artist (unclear what that means...he hasnt shown those skills just yet!) Ziggy…


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Meet Darwin- ADOPTED!

Meet Darwin! A 3.5 year old shepadoodle (German Shepherd/ Standard Poodle) who weighs approximately 50-55 lbs. He has a gorgeous easy to care for soft wife/fleece coat that is light to non-shedding. Darwin gets along with dogs of all sizes but is truly happiest with his people! He will chase cats. 

His foster mom tells us he is the sweetest, most loving and well mannered boy who loves to please and stick close to his peeps. He is an athletic, high…


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Meet Tramp! Available in Tampa, FL- ADOPTED!

Meet Tramp (aka Champ!) an adorable goldendoodle available for adoption in Tampa, FL. Tramp was an owner surrender due to moving. He is 9 years old and approximately 60 lbs but should gain another 10 lbs or so. Since he's been with DRC he got neutered, his teeth cleaned, UTD on shots, etc. He is a total love bug who loves to play with his foster siblings (big and small dogs) and has no mean bone in his body. He is completely house trained and doesnt have to be crated when his family isnt…


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Meet Henry! An adorable white/cream goldendoodle that's 68 lbs. Henry is a sweet boy who loves his blue wooba toy! He does well with dogs his size but tends to bother smaller pups too much. He is very trainable and learns quickly and is easily distracted when he's doing something he shouldn't be doing by saying "where's your wooba!?" Henry is house trained and just turned 1 January 2015. He needs some more socialization when…

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Meet Bruno! A gorgeous 16 month old F1B goldendoodle available in St. Pete, FL. He is crate trained and knows sit and paw. We are currently working on his leash manners and teaching him not to jump. Because he was just recently neutered he tries to mount other dogs but is great with correction. He was living outside for the last 2 months and is currently enjoying being an indoor dog. He does well with dogs his size but may be a bit too exuberant for little dogs. He is 65 lbs and a total LOVE…


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Cocoa - ADOPTED!

Cocoa is an F1B labradoodle that is 4.5 years old and approximately 55 lbs. He was purchased 4 years ago by a family that pretty much kept him in a crate and did not socialize him. He is doing wonderful in his foster home and loves to go to the dog park and romp with friends his size. He also does fine with friends his size in his home but not so well with little dogs. Young children make Cocoa nervous so he will need to go to an adult only home. Most importantly needs a calm…


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Marshall -ADOPTED

Met Marshall! An adorable Shepadoodle (German Shepherd-Poodle mix) looking for his furever home! Marshall is currently being fostered in Jacksonville, FL. He does well with big and small dogs and is a total love bug. He is 53 lbs and  1 1/2 years old. He is light shedding and his current foster mom loves how easy his coat is to maintain after a day at the dog park! Quick bath and towel dry and he's ready to go! He loves to be loved on and likes playing with his fur-siblings and his prior…


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Casper- ADOPTED!

Meet Casper! A 20 month old labradoodle available for adoption in Jacksonville, FL. He was an owner surrender to DRC because he was "too much". Turns out poor Casper was spending most of his day stuck in a crate and therefore was a bit out of control when he was out of his crate-- wouldn't you be? Now that he has been at his foster home he has finally settled and every day he gets better and better! His foster mom says he is extremely loving! He has not been crated since his foster mom is…


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Meet Drake! An adorable 9 month old Husky doodle (oopsy litter where dad was labradoodle and mother was husky) available for adoption in Orlando, FL! Drake is approximately 47 lbs of pure love! He knows sit and is working on other commands. He has the COOLEST markings. He is so so loving. He lived with a small human before. He doesn't jump on people or countersurf. He has shown no aggression towards food, toys etc. He knows his name and will come when called. He is an owner surrender because…


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Meet Buddy a 6 year old F1 black goldendoodle currently being fostered in Miami, FL! He is approximately 65lbs of total love! He needs work walking nicely on a leash and to stop jumping on people when excited but he learns quick! Buddy is craving human attention and wants to be with his people but needs to be the only dog, after all, he deserves to be spoiled ;-). He is GORGEOUS that's for sure :) …


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Meet Max! An adorable 11 month old vizsla-poodle mix that was surrendered to the local animal services because his family did not have the time for him. Personally, I think Max was an outdoor dog. He craves being close to his family but at the same time isn't overly clingy. He already learned sit and is getting better good with "down". He is crate trained 100% now and will go in there during the day when I am home to sleep! Max is learning potty manners however he has had only two accidents…


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Met Shiloh! A gorgeous I believe probably F1B chocolate labradoodle that is just  simply to die for. Shiloh and his friend Hannah were pulled from the local animal services in Orlando, Florida where they were brought in as strays. After his stray hold was up DRC pulled them and they got the full treatment -- a haircut he desperately needed, neutered and a trip to the vet to check him out. Turns out Shiloh is heartworm positive but the vet recommended the slow kill method since he's not a…


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Met Bella! An adorable 11 month old most likely F1 goldendoodle that is sure to steal your heart! She is currently 46 lb and a light shedder. Bella was rehomed because her family traveled too much. She is truly an amazing dog. She knows sit, down and will give you paw (both paws actually, I can say this paw and point to right one and she gives me that one). She is crate trained but honestly I don't think she needs it (she loves her crate though and will sleep in it throughout the night with…


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Hi everyone! Meet Brody a 5 year old labradoodle that's a recent owner surrender into the DRC program in Florida. Prior to joining DRC Brody lived with three kids all under the age of 12 (5, 6, and 12). His family decided to rehome him after realizing their busy lifestyles with kids in various after school activities left poor Brody alone too many hours of…


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Mr. Buckley- ADOPTED

I've fostered before (heck...Mr. Buckley was our 8th foster pup) but I never actually CRIED when I dropped a dog off at his (hopefully adoptive) long-term foster. Here's the beginning of the new life of the pup that stole my heart...


You see, Mr. Buckley was formerly Mr. Stinky Pants. I went to pick him up from animal services in Tavares, FL. After I saw his…


Added by Adriana Dinis on September 10, 2012 at 9:00pm — 10 Comments

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