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Patience is a Virtue

As a child, there was nothing quite as exciting as being handed a wrapped present.  Christmas or Birthday, it didn’t matter.  The gift was for you and there was something special inside.  You couldn’t open that box fast enough.

Adopting a doodle has been a similarly exciting experience but I have learned that you have to be patient to get to the wonderful gift that is…


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A Reason to Adopt

I wish I could tell you how my life started.  Whether it was in a cramped cage in a puppy mill or whether my life had a happier beginning.


I wish I could tell you the story behind why I ended up for adoption, but truthfully I don’t really know if I understand the reason myself.


I do know one thing: I am a special dog.  I am just as valuable as any dog purchased from a breeder at top dollar…in fact I am even more special because I need you…


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They Do Love Each Other!!

Last week I decided to give the doodles some play time with other dogs and took them to doggie daycare for the while I was at work.  As a puppy, Cubbie was always the life of the party there and spent his days running back and forth across the room.  In the beginning, Ollie was pretty timid at daycare but going there helped Ollie to learn how to play with other dogs which made the situation at home a lot better.

Since I am addicted to the doggie daycare webcam, I checked in on them…


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A rocky road to a happy ending

For 2 years my DH and I had been proud owners of a mini labradoodle named Cubbie, then I started to get the “itch” to add another doodle to the family.  I had always wanted to adopt a dog and was thrilled when I came across the Petfinder post about a dog that was being rehomed through the Doodle Rescue Collective.  I applied, we were approved, and so began our journey down one very rocky road……


Added by Amy, Cubbie, & Ollie on September 24, 2011 at 12:00am — 7 Comments

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