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Murphy is adopted today!

Murphy was adopted today and his new sister Koda is the perfect sister and family for him. Koda and Murphy romped and played and their energy matches. I know that Murphy has a new family and sister to play and love.

Only 2 years old Murphy had a hard life but is on his way to his furever home in Ohio.…


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updated my picture of my 3 doodles and 3 daughters!

I updated my picture so that you can see my three adopted daughters, from L to R  Deanna, Vera, Natalya and my 3 doodles from L to R Bella, Obi and Bailey!

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Doodle Train need help tomorrow in VA!!!

I need help!!!  Can someone help with a doodle train tomorrow Friday in VA?  I have a rescue coming out of TN and they can drive to Roanoke VA by 12:00 noon. I need someone to drive Elton from Roanoke to Harrisonburg VA. I can meet you in Harrisonburg around 2-2:30 pm.  PLEASE, I REALLY NEED SOMEONE TO DRIVE THE 117 MILES TO GET HIM CLOSER TO ME. I will be fostering him.
call me if you can help even from Roanoke for an hour or so  ( 703-590-2850) or respond via email.

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Chloe- adopted and now a princess in a new land

I only had Chloe as a foster for 2 weeks, but we really grew to love her!  She has the cutest face and is so energetic. She loved to play with Bailey and Bella. And for the first time since we have been fostering, Bella actually initiated doodleplay with Chloe!

Chloe is now living in Pa with Maureen and her family. Here is their adoption picture. Thanks to all who applied for Chloe, we believe we found the perfect forever family for her. She now has a stay home mom, 2 children who…


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A doodle romp

See my two doodles romping and playing!  In trying to identify the perfect forever family for Chloe my foster doodle, I wanted to ensure that she have a new brother or sister who will play with her. This is what 2 doodles look like who live, love and play together!

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Rudy Adopted and moving to his new Kingdom

Today Rudy met his new family, Ruth and her daughter Kat drove 8 hours yesterday, spent the night in a motel near me and arrived with a beautiful collar, leash and name tag! 

Rudy showered them with his special kisses and even did some kangadoodling to show off.  He is now on his way back to GA to meet his new brother Theo.  Theo and Rudy,  how perfect- just like the Cosby Show.…


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Rudy the red doodle!

Rudy the red F1bb labradoodle foster arrived at our home on Sunday night. He is a puppy ( although at 45 lbs) and 26 inches tall ( at the shoulder), you wouldn't believe he is only 11 months old.

Rudy is a re-home. He was purchased from a very reputable breeder in VA and taken to a home with an older doodle.  Rudy has the typical puppy energy and got into some elastic that caused him to have emergency surgery, not once but twice. He was returned to the breeder who gave him to DRC to…


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