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Update on Lucy (now Jenny)

I just got a really great email from Lucy's (now Jenny) new family. She is doing really great and they love her so much! Paul wrote me that she is the PERFECT DOG for their family and that they feel so lucky to have her! He wanted me to thank DRC for saving her life.

Since Lucy and Abby were my first fosters for DRC, some of you might not know their story...

Abby and Lucy were used as breeders for a backyard breeder making $$ off of the fad of labradoodles. When Abby got a… Continue

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Sawyer is on his way home!!

Sawyer's new family came and picked up their new doodle boy this afternoon!! Connie and her brother Chris and their doodle girl, Pepper came up from Houston. It was great to see that Pepper and Sawyer got along so well from the first introduction. I am so excited for Sawyer's new life as Connie says that she usually takes her doodle to the dog park for up to 3 hours a day!...what a life for Sawyer!! I just know that they are going to spoil Sawyer to death and will continue his training… Continue

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Sawyer got neutered on Friday, the 15th. He did really well and it is hard to keep that boy rested! You'd never know that he had surgery...he just wants to play, play, play! We have to force him to be rested in his kennel.

Good news about Sawyer...

He is pending adoption already! He is going to a home in Houston! It is an adult home with another 14 month old doodle girl to play with (small kids make poor Sawyer too nervous and nippy). If all goes well, he will be going home on… Continue

Added by Tracy Farmer on October 17, 2010 at 12:59pm — 3 Comments 4th foster doodle

I just picked up my 4th foster doodle for DRC yesterday evening. I haven't blogged about any of my other fosters because I'm not sure how good I will be at it. Y'all do such a good job at it :). But, I have heard that the potential adopters love to read about their potential new pets so, here goes...

My 3 kiddos and I drove the hour-plus down to Granbury, Texas to pick up an owner surrender doodle. Poor guy was so freaked out to be in the car with strangers. I also don't think…


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