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Daisy has found her perfect forever family.  Julie, Michael and their adult son, Eric have welcomed Daisy into their home and into their hearts.  This family is uniquely qualified to give Daisy all the love and training she needs.  They have had several large breed dogs, in the past, and currently have Finn, a giant Schnauzer, to assist in Daisy's socialization.

Daisy has been sleeping and eating very well in her new home.  She gets to go on a four-mile walk each day with Julie and Finn.  She is doing much better walking on a leash.  She plays tug-the-rope with Finn, and shares toys with him as well.  We wish Daisy and her new family all the best!

Love happy endings...looks very mistreated here lol
What a lucky dog Daisy is!  Sounds perfect!
awesome, our love stories are so special. Love to hear these dogs get forever homes and families! thanks


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