* More dogs surrendered to shelters due to holiday travel, obligations etc.


* Less foster homes and volunteers available/willing to take on a foster for similar reasons


* Winter weather will impeded transport efforts and make it difficult to send volunteers to pull and/or transport


* Decrease in adoption applications.


* Decrease in donations until the last week in December when people are looking for last minute tax-deductions.


* Many puppies purchased as Christmas/ Hanukkah gifts will surely be finding their way to us starting in February.







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All true!! We just need to keep doing what we do best - helping doodles!
Actually, I don't think the donations will pick up even in the last week of the year. You have until March or April 2011 to make a donation and still claim it on your 2010 taxes, I believe.
I am looking forward to this year's "Home For Xmas" slideshow. That's always a big hit. Maybe it will inspire people to make some holiday donations!


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