A gorgeous and sweet 3 year old chocolate Labradoodle who was picked up as a stray in New York City and ended up at the New York City Animal Care and Control Shelter. When Yankee's owners were finally located and contacted, they told the shelter to "keep him." They also could not provide any veterinary records for Yankee as they had never bothered to neuter him, vaccinate him or take him to a vet for any routine vetting at all since buying him at a pet store at 10 weeks of age.

Through no fault of his own, Yankee ended up being bitten by another dog while at the shelter. This dog also had no vaccine records. Because there was no proof that either dog had any vaccines New York State law demanded that Yankee either be held in rabies quarantine for 6 months or be euthanized!

Fortunately, a wonderful animal advocate and rescuer saw Yankee at the shelter and she immediately reached out to DRC for help. Knowing that New Jersey Rabies Quarantine laws are much more lenient than New York State we made arrangements for Yankee to be released to us and boarded with our wonderful vet Dr. John at Willowbrook Animal Hospital in New Jersey.

Yankee arrived on Friday after being in the shelter for nearly 7 weeks. He was filthy, matted covered in feces and fleas! In spite of all he's been through, Yankee is the biggest, goofiest, happiest, most well-mannered doodle pup in the world! 


We were shocked quite frankly that he arrived in the state that he was in as we were promised he would receive all basic veterinary care before leaving ACC including HW testing, treatment for parasites and a DHLPP vaccine shot. He was supposed to have received all of the above before leaving their custody and their facility.

Sadly, Yankee received  none of this care while at NYACC and now in addition to his quarantine, he needs to be completely vetted.

Yankee will have to be held in quarantine with our vet for 30 days at a cost of approximately $1200. He is scheduled to be neutered, vaccinated and treated for various parasites and skin and ear infections this week.

Because so many wonderful people came forward on Facebook offering assistance for Yankee's expenses, we have set up a "Chip In" specifically for Yankee to cover the costs of his extended stay and his vet care.

All funds raised will be utilized to cover all of sweet Yankee's expenses including his quarantine boarding, food, neuter, and any and all all veterinary needs.

Here are a few new photos of Yankee!

Thank you all so very much for helping DRC provide Yankee with everything he needs to prepare for his new home, family and wonderful new life!

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He is adorable....I am really digging this dog.  What a doll!

These kind of stories just make me heart-sick.  And I also know that DRC will find Yankee his Forever Home.Just makes me realize even more how much I love my Doodle Bug.

Good on you DRC, I'll be making my donation next week - all those Christmas bills are piling up :-)

Jacquie, I cross posted this to DW just now. I am tired of others seeking money for their "organizations" and not for the dogs. I hope folks will pitch in.

Thank you so much Andrea!...I went to look for it on DW and could not find it....Do you think it was removed?

Yes it was removed. I will have a lot more to say about that later this evening but I have to send an email to Twyla right now.

Ok I reposted Jacquie's original post about Yankee on DW. And now because Twyla Pyles has a very unfair dislike of DRC because of she who must not be named - the b&^ch LF - she yanked it saying that there had been too many fund raising drives lately on DW and she didn't want members to think that fund raising was what DW was about. Bull shit!!!!! IDOG recently did a fund raiser for - wait for it - a dog that Twyla is herself fostering. And then she just recently allowed LF's ooodles of crap to also post a fund raising effort. Perhaps to keep LF in the style to which she would like to become accustomed. Geez Louise, can I get a break.

I have posted a blog on DW about this and intend to logon every day and reply to my own post about it if I have to to keep it front and centre. If she tries to delete those then I will be emailing everyone on my DW friend list with this whole sorry saga. OK I just needed to vent.

After all he has been through, he is so happy!  Look at that tail wag!!

He's adorable, and love the "Yankee Doodle" trend! I swear I'm going to name a foster "Cheese Doodle" some day!

Looks like he is a happy dood!  Poor guy can hardly see. 

OK everyone...Here are a few pictures of Yankee Doodle!

Hey All...Just added some new pics of Yankee!...See above.


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