As you know Yankee is a Labradoodle currently in the DRC program, who was originally picked up as a stray in Manhattan. He ended up at the NYC Animal Control Shelter where he was given the official name of "Yankee Doodle" by shelter personnel.

While there he was bitten by another dog who like Yankee had no vaccine records. So poor "Yankee" had to be held on a mandatory "DOH Rabies Quarantine." Thanks to some incredible people, DRC was able to pull Yankee from the shelter and bring him to NJ where he has been under veterinary observation and supervision for nearly two weeks.

If you have seen Yankee's shelter video, you will notice that our rescue colleague Harriet Z. who video taped him and alerted DRC to his presence in the shelter, was calling him  "Goofy".....

Well, we thought Harriet was just being "cute"...:  )

We finally have all of Mr. Yankee's paperwork in hand and per his shelter intake records it turns out that his original name was indeed "Goofy!"

We were of course...ah-hem .....APPALLED!...... initially....lol....... but Jeannine and I called out to the big lug "Hey Goofy!" and Mr. Chocolate Doodle raised his head and came a runnin and waggin up a storm!....He then promptly lifted his head towards us, squinted, lifted his top lip and SMILED at us EAR TO EAR! ....How "goofy" and adorable is that?!!? .....

So "Goofy" it is!.......And it could not possibly be a more appropriate name for this guy! He is just so GOOFY! And his coloring around his eyes and mouth give his face and his expression a human quality that is just to die for.....

He really is QUITE the character......

The really great news is that with 'time served" in the shelter counting towards his 30 days of initial mandatory quarantine, Yankee/Goofy was officially released from our vets office yesterday!....Thank goodness for Goofy!.... And thank goodness for us because his initial expenses were significant and have been mounting daily with his completely unnecessary (there has not been a case of rabies in Manhattan since 1936)  yet legally imposed boarding.

So Goofy is now here at "Casa Del Doodle" with Jeannine and me and our "less than thrilled" pack of 4...lol..... until we can find the perfect foster to adopt home for Goofy here in the NJ area.

Goofy was recently neutered.....Unfortunately, someone forgot to inform his hormones and Blake and Sully's sense of scent...lol.....So while the girls (Daisy and Bella) are playing with Goofy and tolerating his presence, the "Boys", are just simply NOT havin any part of that Eau De Machisomo" in their house!...lol  So it's been a bit challenging having Goofy here with his red rocket lipstick making the occasional unannounced appearance.........

Leave it up to the girls to make Goofy feel welcome...

Despite the difficulties, this guy has totally stolen our hearts....He is DELICIOUS! He is drop-dead gorgeous, and he has an incredible temperament and personalty. He is a total love....Wants to be near us at all times and will sit in your lap of you let him....Puts that big paw on you when he wants attention and wants to be as close to your face as possible when he is being loved on....When he greets, he does what we call the "crab walk" where his entire back end is literally wagging back and forth along with his tail to where it appears he is folding himself in half in the process. All the while his eyes are squinting as he flashes that adorable "s*** eating grin", ear to ear smile.....lol

Ahhh...If only our resident macho men would get over themselves.....

To say that Goofy is "thrilled" to be here?....Well that is the understatement of the decade ....He is ECSTATIC BEYOND BELIEF.......He walked into our dog room, took one look at all of the dog toys, and his eyes literally popped out of his head....He turned to look at Jeannine and me with this expression on his face like:

"WOW!!!! REALLY?!!????...Am I in HEAVEN?" 


He LOVES to play with toys...and he will entertain himself for hours tossing them up in the air and catching them with his front paws like a cat......He loves to run around the yard just for the sheer joy of it....

One sad note is that it is most obvious when he eats that he has spent a significant amount of time in a shelter environment. He literally inhales his kibble and he needs to be taught some table manners.


He has also become a world class counter surfer.

Last night, unbeknownst to us, he actually managed to pull a plastic bowl with the remainders of my homemade escarole and bean soup still inside, out of the kitchen sink and place it on the floor without spilling a drop or making a sound. The only clues that gave him away were the empty bowl on the floor and the overwhelming scent of garlic on Goofy's beard and breath.

Yup.........."Good times"......

Especially this morning at potty time...... :  )

This boy is otherwise exceptional......He is also smart as a whip....Goofy is a "keeper".

He has been here 1 day and is already learning the ropes...He needs a dog savvy adult home and some basic obedience and socialization. He needs a fenced in yard, plenty of exercise, human attention and another dog for company.....

We love and adore this boy like you cannot imagine. We can't wait to see him with a special family where he will finally be receiving all the  love, affection and attention he was obviously so deprived of in is last home....

 DRC is still trying to raise funds to cover Goofy's $1500 plus boarding and vet care expenses. To donate please see the "Chip In" below:


Thank you all so very much again for helping DRC provide Goofy (formerly Yankee) with everything he needs to prepare for his new home, family and wonderful new life!

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All doodles are cute, but I really think Goofy is exceptionally adorable!

 There are no words to describe the joy and happiness that this big guy has brought to our home, we are all in love with him and I can honestly tell you that his name fits the personality! He is a riot , a lover, a delight to have, we love him !!!! He fits right in to our family and feels right at home!  A huge THANK YOU to Jaquelynne and Jeannine! 

I am so happy for all of you!

Hi Robin and congrats!

I had the honor to spend a day with Goofy and I mean it was an honor. He is such a doodle and I agree that the name just fits him! He has the hugest heart and was so thrilled to run around in my yard with my 2 doodles and smell every inch of their yard, bark at the deer who run behind our fence and chase the chipmunks who live under our deck.

He loves his name and comes arunning with every part of his body wiggling waiting for hug and a kiss.

Enjoy that boy and would love for you to come and have a playdate with us!


He is adorable for sure. But really Goofy. Can a guy get no respect :-)

I think he is doing a Happy Dance in the Second from last picture.  Too cute.  Wish I lived in NJ. 

His eyes and facial features are amazing.  You're right, almost a human like quality.  He looks like a doll boy, too.  Glad that everything worked out on his treatment or lack there of re: rabies.  Hope he finds his forever home even before a foster.  He's the kind of doodle personality that makes the greatest dog for a lucky family. 



He has found his forever home and we love this guy!  What a face, those eyes, the beard! He is ADORABLE with a huge heart! 

Goofy is giving us the business...he wants his breakfast!  NOW!!!

I am so glad Goofy's new owners joined the DRC.  Now we can get regular updates on him.  Silly Boy!

Here is an update with our GOOFBALL! He is amazing, loving and a truly remarkable dog. Has so many friends and our family loves him including his grandmother in Florida who can't wait to meet him in May.  For all this guy has gone thru he is a lovable, affectionate guy! Just started some training classes , goes all over in the car with  my husband who adores him!

Robin we need a picture of you and Walter with the Goofball......I can't believe that Jeannine and I forgot to snap one for our Happy Tails!


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