why is adopting a foster or Rescue made so difficult?

This is just a question to all Rescue /foster sites-  i am curious as to why the rescue process is so painstaking? please pardon my ignorance on this issue- hence need to be educated on this from directors and people who run rescues.



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I could go into all kinds of explanations of the reasons, but really, what it boils down is this:

If you couldn't keep a dog who you loved and who had been your companion for years, how painstaking and careful would you want us to be about choosing a new home for him?

There is nothing that can ever happen to a dog that is more difficult, more stressful, or more traumatic than losing a home and being displaced. Their entire world, their whole frame of reference and all security is torn out from under them, as if they had been thrown into the ocean without a lifejacket. This has happened at least once to every dog who comes through our program. Our goal and our responsibility is to do our absolute best to make sure that they never have to go through that again. 

There are also certain known factors which increase the odds that a dog will be given up, so we try to eliminate as many of those factors as possible. 

I hope that answers your question.


Excellent answer.  

I was wondering why it is difficult to get involved in the rescue process also.  I submitted my Foster application in October and again in November.  To date, not any type of acknowledgement or reply or rejection.

I live in the Memphis, Tennessee area and would love to foster.  I have a 7 year old F1 Goldendoodle that I adore.  I also foster for our local Golden Retreiver Rescue Group, MAGRR.

Would love to assist if needed.



Glenda, I will forward your message to our volunteer director. I'm sorry nobody has gotten back to you. 

Hi Glenda,

I checked out email and it is there and I approved your application to foster! Welcome to our crazy world of doodle rescue.

I must apologize - I must have missed it while looking through all of the applications. I am sorry to all Directors that I missed it - out of a 100 foster applications maybe 3 are appropriate to foster a doodle!

Again - I am sorry!!



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