What's the wildest thing you've done with your doodle???

Seamus and I commuted to work together 2 days/week all winter and sometimes the commuter traffic going through Hartford was just horrible. My gentle therapy dog and I had finished a long day of work and the sun was setting. He sits up regally in the front passenger seat and usually slips himself behind the shoulder harness of the seatbelt. As I sat in stopped traffic next to the empty HOV lane (High Occupancy Vehicles, meaning at least 2 occupants) I looked over at my boy, and suddenly took the red bandana off his neck and reversed it on his head so it now resembled a "babushka".... and informed Seamus to "stay seated" because we were now going to commute home in the HOV lane!!!
We gleefully drove home swiftly in the HOV lane, me and my "little old lady" doodle wearing his photoID badge and head scarf.......
We didn't run into a state trooper but I'm afraid if I try it again I might get caught!!!

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Liz-What a hoot-they are so much like people, just might be able to pull it off!!!!:)
Liz, this is hysterical....I can only imagine the reaction from people in other cars. Are you saying that Doodles don't count as "occupants"....?? I always thought if I had a Dood with me, I was fine.
I know!! I obviously think of my dood as an occupant but my DH tells me that even our "100 Club" emblem on our car (we are a contributing member to the "100 club" that financially cares for widows and children of CT police officers killed in the line of duty) won't keep me from getting a ticket, regardless of where his bandana is located.... hhhmmmmm.
LOL, Liz! I love it!

Hmm, wildest thing I've ever done with my doodle... Well, there was this one time... I chased him for a good 2 miles up Broad Street in Windsor in my snow boots... :)
I faintly remember that incident, didn't it also involve lots of bologne, pepperoni and snow??? Remember how he would rock and then spring the Heart Smart cages from the dog catcher and then reach into the cage and scoff down the Egg McMuffin bait??????
Liz-My best friend is a Columbus Police officer-I was on the force in the late 70's in VA. So, thank you for that effort-very few people know what's involved. Just goes to show the great character for people who rescue doodles! It's all about giving back and doing the right thing! But you['re right, probably won't get you out of a ticket, the 2nd time:)
This is so funny! I loved it. Sometimes we just gotta live on the 'wild side.'


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