I see in ads the reference of F1, F2 Doodles, Teddy Bear, etc. Can you please let me know what the difference is and what these mean?





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"Teddy Bear" means absolutely nothing, it is a breeder's marketing tool. Teddy Bears are cute cuddly stuffed animals, very appealing to just about anyone, so they use that term to sell puppies. There is no such thing as a "Teddy Bear" labradoodle or Goldendoodle. 

F1, F2, etc. refer to filial generations. An F1 is the result of breeding a purebred Lab or Golden to a purebred Poodle. An F1B is the result of breeding an F1 back to a purebred poodle. An F2 (not done by reputable breeders) is an F1 bred to another F1. And so on, up to what are known as multigenerational labradoodles or goldendoodles.

Here is some information on doodle generations: http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/labradoodle.htm

These are really not things that should be of much concern to anyone who is looking to give a home to a dog who needs one. Those who have specific requirements as to generation, type, coat, size, color, etc really need to purchase a puppy from a reputable breeder. But even then, there is no way to guarantee any of those things, which is why so many doodles are relinquished to rescue in the first place. The owners were sold a pack of untruths.

 To begin with, there is absolutely no consistency in any generation of Labradoodle or Goldendoodle.  The higher you go in the generations, the more chance there is of predictability in terms of coat, but even then, there are no guarantees. These are mixed breed dogs, mutts essentially, despite the breeder hype, and the whole thing is basically a crap shoot in terms of coat, size, shedding, temperament, you name it. They are not healthier than purebreds, and they do not usually get the temperament of the retriever and the coat of the poodle: the reverse is just as likely. 

Thank you for the information. I see the reference but never knew what it meant. It seemed like it really did not mean anything. We think the breed is wonderful and don't care if it is "Teddy Bear", etc. Love the temperament of the dogs!


Thank you for answering the question of curiosity! It was confusing!




It does get confusing when people throw around 'short hand' for things they know a lot about but the rest of us don't.  I retired from teaching special education and we had our own words and definitions that meant virtually nothing to anyone but us! :-}  It is a good idea to get a good understanding of the way the generations work in doodles and what is hype posed by disreputable breeders.  Someone today was so proud of her breeder because they told her they would guarantee the puppy forever for anything wrong.  Forever??? Really?

Wow! Forever? That is scary! I don't know of any breeder that guarantees health especially forever.


We found out that the breeder where we got Bentley (our wonderful Golden Retriever)  from now has 17 Goldendoodle puppies. Two different moms. One female had 9 and one had 8. I asked her to email me the pictures and pricing.





My assumption is that her breeder is not reputable and would find a way out.  Forever, and for any illness - no way.  I hope your puppy search is successful!

We have a pre-loved puppy right in your hood! He's 6 years old and weighs 72 lbs but acts like a pup when you scratch his head or pick up his leash!

How is Bogey doing!? I saw his picture. He is adorable!!! Give Bert, Ernie, Kura and Bogey kisses and hugs from Bob and I!

He's doing great, got a haircut yesterday and loving the snow here!

We can't wait to meet him!!! Bentley is enjoying the snow too! He loves to play in it! Bogey looks like he is very easy to fall in love with!!

If you are talking about meeting Bogey, meetings are not arranged until you have had an adoption application approved and are being considered as an adopter for the dog. If you are interested in Bogey, you must submit an application first. 

Hi Karen & Jackdoodle!


How are you? Sorry about that, we realize he is a foster. Thank you!




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