Welcome "Scarlett" to the DRC rescue program!

She is a 2.5 year old F1 Labradoodle rescued from an Amish puppy mill in Lancaster, PA by our wonderful friend and colleague Laura Flynn-Amato of "No More Tears Rescue."
You may have seen Laura in the documentary film about her life and incredible work called "Madonna of the Mills" recently featured on HBO.

Scarlett is Flynn's mother. Flynn is the beautiful red boy with megaesophagus that Laura rescued from the same puppy mill last November.

Flynn was stolen from Jodi Goldberg and All Things Pawssible by Lynne Fowler and Oodles of Doodles and ended up being placed without receiving any vet care. ATPAR and Jodi had to sue Lynne Fowler and file charges in order to get him back.


But that's another story......




Flynn's mom was surrendered to Laura and her rescue colleague Denise DeMarco last week and they asked DRC to take her into our program. Below is a picture of Denise. She handled all of Scarlett's intake, transport & triage and is Laura's right hand in PA.

After pulling her from the mill, Laura and Denise had her triaged at the vet's office in PA for a few days.


The entire veterinary staff fell in love with the girl they were affectionately calling "Sandy". She was so good, so responsive to humans that it was hard to imagine that she had lived in a small wire bottomed cage pumping out puppies for most of her life!

We named her "Scarlett" and she has made it to her wonderful foster home with Charlotte Jamieson and her husband John in Delaware and is doing incredibly well! Here she is sitting on John's lap.


Scarlett is in heat and we will have to postpone her spay until she gets though her cycle. She will be spayed in the next few weeks and is available for adoption. 


Special thanks to Laura, Denise and the crew at "No More Tears Rescue" and Jodi Goldberg and "All Things Pawssible Rescue"  for all that they do to ensure the safety, rescue and placement of mill dogs and all companion animals in need! 


Very special thanks to Charlotte and John who raced up to PA over the weekend with a moments notice, to pick up Scarlett from the vet and foster her!


We are proud and honored to call these fine ladies (and this wonderful gentleman) our friends and colleagues and work collaboratively and collectively with them to save as may doodles as we possibly can.


Your new life is about to begin Miss Scarlett!


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Welcome to a better life, Scarlett!  you certainly are a cutie!

Another Jackdoodle look-a-like! And she couldn't have a better foster home! Scarlett, my friend, life is about to get a whole lot better!

Bless you Laura and everyone you work with to save so many like Scarlett!!  There are no words that could possibly express the thanks for the work you and your 'crew' do for so many dogs like Scarlett will find the forever home and live the life they were supposed to have!!

I am almost ready to apply to adopt her!  

She is precious and well deserves a better life!

Another beauty!  Best of luck to Scarlett!

Scarlett is being adopted by our own Grace Ketterer! She and her husband are on their way to Delaware to pick her up and bring her home!

What great great news!

WOW that was fast. CONGRATS!!



Happy Happy Happy!

Scarlett is home with Grace & her husband!

I'm thrilled for Grace's family, and especially for Scarlett! Happy tails to you, Scarlett, and may you live happily ever after!


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