This big, beautiful gentle boy is a 4 year old, first generation (F-1) Labradoodle. He is being re-homed because his family's new baby is now a rambunctious toddler and poor Watson is having trouble adjusting. Additionally schedule constraints and the demands of raising a toddler have left poor Watson's family with little to no time to devote to his care. He is a big boy at 80 lbs. and he has a soft mixed wire/fur coat that will require brushing and some grooming. Watson is a light shedder and is not allergy-friendly.

Prior to the arrival of the baby in the home, Watson was accustomed to being the only child in the family. Typically a very calm, laid back, easy going, gentle, child-friendly dog, lack of time, attention, exercise and drastic changes to his routine have left Watson feeling a bit overwhelmed, anxious and protective of his family and his space.

His heartbroken owner explains: " I am devastated that we have to find Watson a new home. He is my first baby and I love him so very much. But knowing that he is no longer getting what he needs breaks my heart even more. He is a wonderful, sweet, loving and devoted dog that deserves so much more than we can give him now. He has become too much for me to handle along with a toddler. Watson's entire world has literally been turned upside since the baby arrived and he will occasionally become reactive and over-protective in certain situations. My once easy going, happy-go-lucky pup who literally loved everyone, has now become somewhat distrustful of certain humans. He will now occasionally lunge at other dogs and people he doesn't know when we walk with the stroller. He has also become protective of his things and although it's been nothing serious, he has nipped the baby a few times when he has gotten too close to Watson's food, bones and toys." I think this behavior is purely a result of stress because he really gets no attention. I also know that it's our fault that he feels obligated to protect what is his because we have not corrected the behavior or done much to make him feel secure since the baby arrived. He has always been exceptional with children in the past. I know if he had more attention, affection, exercise and discipline he would be his old self again."

Watson has fantastic manners. He is completely house-trained, knows basic commands, rides well in the car and loves to stick close to his humans. He is a very devoted and loving boy who loves to be the center of attention. He is good with most other dogs off leash but will occasionally become reactive on leash. He has not been exposed to cats. Only dog experienced adult families willing to give Watson a loving, safe and secure environment and work on his insecurities through positive enforcement training will be considered. This is a GREAT dog who just needs a quiet home to call his own. A little time, love, patience, plenty of exercise and routine is all he needs to be right as rain.

Watson is neutered, UTD on all vaccines and preventatives and will be a wonderful addition to the right family.

A physical fence is required.

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You must be prepared for your dog to be an inside member of your family.


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Yep, definitely a Jackdoodle relative! What a face! What a nose! And his smile is just like Eeyore's!
He could be Chance's twin brother, too!  Except the weight part, Chance wasn't that heavy.  What a beautiful boy. 
He sounds like a wonderful doodle. I am sorry that his current owners can't keep him but glad that they care so much they want him to have the perfect home.
He does have a Jackdoodle face!  What a cutie.  I know DRC will find him the home that he deserves.
He also looks like Bixby (now Teddy)! ALL of the handsome blonde men in my life are doodles!!!!
Between you and me those are the only types to have.  At least they are loyal. 
I love his face.!!
Oh yes, this is one handsome Dood.....but NOT as handsome as JD!  He does come very, very close though.  This poor guy has had his whole world turned upside down....I'm so hoping he finds the perfect home (just like JD did).
Thanks, Jane, on both counts!


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