Yes, I adopted Obi, I was his foster mom from Nov 4  till Feb when I decided I couldn't give him up, he had stolen my heart.  Obi and Oscar arrived via the doodle train from Tennessee. See the post here for the story.

He has grown into a great loveable doodle who is so sweet and kind. If you were to see my 3 doodles together you would guess that Obi was mine from a puppy- great manners, calm demeaner, listens and is beautiful!  However, Bailey my 4 year old doodle is the one I raised from a puppy and he is a counter surfer, wild thing and good thing for him he looks like a big teddy bear,- cause his manner's are horrible!.

 I am sharing a cute short video of my three romping in my bag yeard.  Here are Bella ( white) my other rescue approximately 2-3 years old, Bailey the biggest golden doodle and Obi my newest baby. Enjoy their doodle play!

 Isn't he the cutest!  Would you believe he looked like this when he was rescued? Who knew  a beautiful loving animal was hiding under that horrible coat of armour?

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Diane, I am so happy for you and especially for Obi! I think he must know that he is one very lucky doodle,and will always show you how grateful he is to have found your home and family!

Congratulations on your failure! It certainly does look like Obi fits right in.  It is so hard to believe that the sad, matted guy is the lively, playful boy in your video.  It warms the heart.  I love the way Bella plays - going in for the tail grab!

Obie has turned into such a beautiful doodle under your family's care.  He is as sweet as can be and when I last saw him he only had eyes for you!  And yes Bailey is a MESS but I would adopt him in a heart beat:^)

Ahh Diane...We had a feeling all along that you and the girls couldn't part with that boy.....:  )

Thank you so much for adopting Obi. I cannot believe his before picture and then his after picture. God bless you!

So glad that Obi will have the wonderful life he deserves.



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