Does it look like a doodle? The owner does not know (Im not sure how) He is 6 months old and Ive contacted them.

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The only way you will ever know exactly what breeds are in this extremely adorable puppy is to do a DNA test. You cannot tell by appearance, and neither can anyone else. No two mixed breed dogs look alike, even from the same litter. No two Labradoodles or Goldendoodles, or anything else. And no two mixed breed dogs act alike, either. They have no traits in common, none. All this stuff you may have heard about "great with kids", "the temperament of a Retriever", etc is marketing. 

Does it really matter? After all, there isn't really any such thing as a "doodle", lol. That's a made-up name for a mixed breed dog who is half poodle and half something else. There are backyard breeders and puppy mills breeding "sheepadoodles", "Aussiedoodles", "weimardoodles", "Bernedoodles", and everything else you can think of. Those are just names they made up. This guy is just as much a "doodle" as any other poodle mix. If you are asking if he is part retriever, who knows, and really, who cares? 

What matters is health and temperament. 

This puppy is adorable, and he's definitely a poodle mix of some kind. If he is healthy (always check the vet records) and you like his personality, I'd say go for it. 

Judging by his color and his nose, I'd say there may be Wheaten terrier (which would pretty much guarantee non-shedding, because neither of the parent breeds shed, unlike Labradoodles and Goldendoodles, who can be heavy shedders) or Old English sheepdog there. How big is he? Do you know what he weighs? 

Why not ask the owners where they got him, and what they were told they were buying? It's important for you to know that. Legally, they may not even have the right to transfer ownership. 

You also should see vet records before buying/adopting any dog. 

You know, the more I think about this, the stranger it seems. How can the owners not have some idea of his breed mix? Did their dog get loose and have puppies with an unknown father? Or a friend or neighbor's dog had that happen and they got one of the pups? 

The vet records will have something listed as the breed, even if it's just the vet's guess. Of course, it might just be "Poodle X" (poodle cross). 

His add on Craigslist says "poodle mix"  - I emailed him and was told he had no idea what impregnated his poodle while he was at work-  My question is what happened to the rest?    What did the Vet say? I am going to go look at him later today. 

Thank you 

It is very, very important that you see the vet records with your own eyes. Do not take the owner's word for anything. I am sorry if that sounds cynical, but long experience with dozens of people who are trying to give up a dog have taught us that the owners are not always honest. 

Where did the rest of the puppies go is a very good question. 

If his poodle is the mother, you should also get an opportunity to meet her; the temperament of the parents is the most important factor in the temperament of the puppies.

It always makes me sad to hear about irresponsible dog owners who do not spay and neuter their pets and then allow them to run loose. Two terrible things that both contribute to the population of homeless and unwanted dogs. 

I would google the person's phone number and/or email address and see what comes up. If this is a BYB or some other shady operation (there are people who steal dogs from backyards to sell them. There are also people called flippers who scan Craig's List and other ad sites for free or cheap dogs and then sell them for a profit), you may find a lot of other ads for dogs. You might be surprised what you find. 

Karen, I can't thank you enough for all your help!! A man tried to steal our daughters puppy so I know what youre talking about.

Thank you SOO much!!!!

No thanks necessary, it's what we do, lol. Please update us after you learn more.

I do think this is very cute, doodle-y looking puppy. :) 

I just got back from vacation and saw this.  Shereen, did you find out more about the pup?  Did you adopt it?

So sorry, new on this site. I didn't see this mail. No we did not adopt it. after we saw the photos we decided against it as the dog was about 12 pounds. We would love a bigger one and still are waiting.


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