This is what happens when innocent dogs end up in the hands of a rescue fraud...

First, I am so sorry everyone for needing to express my outrage and disgust in regards to Oodles of Doodles. But like every other DRC Board member and volunteer and those aware of the ongoing issue with Lynne Fowler’s theft of our URLs, and her intentional continued use of DRCs name and property, I’m just about done with keeping my mouth shut.  This latest incident, here in Texas, has put me over the edge. Something has to be done.


For nearly two years since our website and URL’s were stolen by Ms. Fowler, DRC has collectively taken the “high road”, waiting patiently for federal authorities and agencies to take action. Nearly two years later, we are still waiting. But our “high road” silence as an organization has done nothing but prevent the truth about Lynne Fowler and her unethical running of a “mock rescue” from getting out there. All the while, dogs and people continue to be hurt and harmed.  Unfortunately, this is due to    Ms. Fowler’s lack of ethics and personal vendetta with our organization and our President.


It is for the sake of the numerous, innocent dogs that have the misfortune of ending up in Ms. Fowler’s hands and for the sake of DRC, an organization that I am so proud to be a part of, I can no longer stand by and remain silent.


Allow me to introduce everyone to LIBERTY, formerly Leila.  A beautiful 18-month-old female Labradoodle here in Texas who nearly lost her life last Tuesday night because of Lynne Fowler’s ongoing fraud and her complete negligence.

Liberty was an owner re-home whose original family was looking for Doodle Rescue Collective, Inc. for assistance. Because Lynne Fowler continues to use our stolen URLs the owners were erroneously directed to our former website and Lynne Fowler, all the time, believing they were reaching Doodle Rescue Collective, Inc. True to form, Lynne Fowler jumped on this opportunity to get an adoption fee and intentionally misled and lied to this family. Telling them she is the original, “Doodle Rescue Collective”, and she could place their doodle!


Of course, because neither Lynne Fowler nor Oodles of Doodles have any resources or foster homes here in Texas, Liberty remained in her owner’s home the entire time she was posted on Petfinder as “Leila”, an Oodles of Doodles dog.

Of course, Lynne Fowler, and Oodles of Doodles did not provide the poor dog with ANY vet care even though vaccines, heartworm and flea and tick prevention were overdue.   Liberty was literally adopted within days of being “posted” on Petfinder to the first people willing to pay her $300 adoption fee.  All Lynne Fowler and Oodles of Doodles did for poor Liberty was post her and forward applications to her previous owners.  No vet or background checks were conducted and no home visit was done.  In fact, no screening of any kind took place.  There was no adoption contract signed.  The adoptive family asked for all vet records but, none were ever received.  All the adopter received as far as paperwork for Liberty was a Pay Pal generated receipt for $300 that was paid to Lynne Fowler.


So, Lynne Fowler and her self-proclamed “rescue”,  which is NOT a 501(c)(3) non-profit, in spite of her fraudulent claims to the contrary, turned a quick $300 bucks at Liberty’s expense. There was absolutely nothing provided to this dog and absolutely no follow up with either the adopter or the former owner. Further, Liberty was intentionally denied the basic protection of an adoption contract and the services of the real, reputable and responsible rescue organization her original owners were seeking in the first place.


In her new home for two months, Liberty’s adopters never received any vet history or records of any kind for the dog and were forced to have her completely re-vaccinated and vetted at a cost of several hundreds of dollars. Their repeated calls and email pleas to Lynne Fowler for vet records were never answered.


Liberty suddenly became ill and was unable to eat or defecate.  When Liberty began  vomiting and crying in excruciating pain with a distended belly, her new owners sought emergency veterinary assistance.  X-rays revealed that Liberty was suffering with a life-threatening bowel-obstruction caused by her ingestion of what we later learned was a two foot long nylon knee sock. Poor Liberty was in critical condition when she arrived at the emergency clinic.


When the vets informed the family that Liberty needed $3000 in emergency surgery to remove the obstruction, and save her life, the owners refused treatment stating they had adopted Liberty from a “shady rescue in New Jersey called Oodles of Doodles” only two months earlier and mentioned they were “really not that bonded with her”.  They also told the vet they, “did not have the financial resources for the surgery”, and instructed the vet to put poor, sweet Liberty to sleep.


Thankfully, this wonderful vet could not bear the thought of putting a young, otherwise perfectly healthy dog down because of money. So, he had the owners sign Liberty over to the custody of the clinic and had his amazing assistant contact us, the REAL Doodle Rescue Collective, Inc. for help.


I want to make you all aware that Jacquie & Jeannine received the call at 1:30 AM Tuesday night. They are literally on call 24/7 and never sleep. They agreed to take Liberty into our program and get her the assistance that she desperately needed. The emergency vet assured us that they had stabilized Liberty for the moment with IV fluids and anti vomit and pain medication until we could get her to one of our own vets in the early hours of the morning. Thank goodness, Dr. James, one of our many wonderful veterinary partners here in Texas, volunteered to do the surgery at a reduced rate.  Even with Dr. James’ generous discount, the surgery was expensive and basically wiped out our bank account.


4 1/2 hours later I awoke to the barrage of emergency text and voicemail messages sent to me during the night and began planning Liberty’s rescue and impending emergency surgery. Because I had to work at 6:30am, and time was of the essence, I couldn’t go and get Liberty myself and transport her to Dr. James.  I texted one of our dedicated volunteers, Staci Murto,  to run over and pick up Liberty and get her to Dr. James ASAP.   Staci is so dedicated to DRC and these dogs that she, still her PJ’s, took off for the emergency clinic. She got Liberty to Dr. James and his amazing staff, where she was rushed into surgery the minute she arrived.


Liberty is now resting comfortably and recovering from her ordeal with my family and me.  She is still on kennel rest, a special diet for recovery, and on a few medications but, she is alive and doing well.  I just couldn’t imagine her being euthanized when she has her whole life ahead of her!  She is a happy dog and just wants to be loved so badly.  She will make someone the perfect companion.  I look forward to her new happily ever after.


To the public and to the legitimate rescue community I say the following: 

Lynne Fowler is not a rescuer & Oodles of Doodles is not a rescue organization.


Lynne Fowler is a dog broker and Oodles of Doodles is a virtual crossposting  website for every dog hoarder, rescue fraud and disreputable rescuer Lynne Fowler can possibly friend on Facebook. Lynne Fowler is not only posing as rescue organization and selling dogs on Petfinder, she is using stolen DRC intellectual property to facilitate her agenda. She is continuing to commit Internet, identity and consumer fraud has aligned with other notorious animal welfare frauds and continues to harass, stalk, slander and libel the Doodle Rescue Collective, Inc. organization and our founder and President.  She is HARMING DOGS.


 It’s time for all of us to start publicly expressing our support for our DRC organization and our founder and President Jacquie Yorke. She has endured nearly 2 years of Lynne Fowlers’ lies, public assaults, and personal attacks on her good name and reputation. Try to imagine the strength it takes to not engage or defend yourself when your good name and your life’s work are being trashed on the Internet by Ms. Fowler and her little group of cohorts?


Liberty nearly lost her life last week thanks to the incompetence, irresponsibility and greed of Lynne Fowler & Oodles of Doodles.


Thank goodness she is finally in the hands of the real rescuers and the REAL Doodle Rescue Collective!





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She is so beautiful.  It is hard to believe that the people that adopted her would just decide to have her euthanized.  Vets will work out payment plans for those that cannot afford the surgeries.

I am so glad that DRC FINALLY got her into the program and pray for her to find a wonderful furever home where she will be lovedand cherished.

Just a quick update on Miss Liberty (Libby for her nickname)...she is doing fantastic!  She is completely healed from her surgery.  Now that she feels better, her true personality has come out.  She races around and plays with my three dogs all day.  She is a pro ball player and brings the ball right back to you every time.  Her tail is always wagging and she seems to always be smiling.  She is a huge cuddler and loves any and all attention lavished on her.  She is going to make some lucky family a wonderful pet and lifelong companion.  My family loves her and we will miss her when she finds her perfect happy ending.


Your extreme efforts at keeping these homeless dogs safe is phenomenal. You and your Texas team are just a stellar group of ladies who will easily put aside your own needs in order to safe a pup in need. You also have an eloquent and concise manner in describing this horrible debacle. Unfortunately, until Lynne Fowler's "shady rescue" is permanently put out of commission I'm afraid we will see more tragedies like poor Liberty. Thanks for being there for her and for us.

I am sorry to have to be posting this on this FB page but, I had originally posted some questions on Oodles of Doodles FB page, was called a liar and a busy body and a Jacquie Yorke koolaid drinker.  I was then promptly blocked from the page and not allowed to respond.  Pretty cowardly, if you ask me. 

If she weren’t trying to hide the truth, Lynne would have engaged in a dialogue with me.  I know that she and her followers also are on this page as well so, I thought I would respond here.  To Lynne’s followers, I apologize that she doesn’t have the guts to actually engage in an honest conversation and blocks it so that you cannot read the response.

For those that did not see what I wrote on the Oodles of Doodles FB page, feel free to look at it as I have nothing to hide.

I was called a liar but, what have I lied about? 

I pointed out that I have cleaned up the mess that Lynne Fowler created for poor Leila/Liberty…and, what a mess it was.  I have the large vet bill to prove it.  A dog’s life was almost lost but, Lynne doesn’t seem to care about that.  She only seems to care about the fees she pockets for each dog she posts on Petfinder.  I would love to see her tax records and what she grosses a year.  She is not a 501(c)(3)…which is public record, people so, I’m pretty certain she doesn’t claim her earnings to the IRS either.

 I asked what her process is for rehoming dogs?…I was called a liar.  I asked what vetting Oodles of Doodles provides?...I was called a liar.  I asked if she does reference checks, home visits or even meets the prospective new owner?...I was called a liar.  I asked if she provides any ongoing support to her new owners?...I was called a liar.  I said that I would show anyone who wants to see the vet receipt and Liberty’s surgery scar…I was called a busy body.

Instead of taking any responsibility for Leila/Liberty, all Lynne and her followers do is blame the new owners.  However, Lynne provides ZERO ongoing support for her new owners and they didn’t feel like they could call her for help.  They couldn’t even get a response from repeated requests for vet records, let alone help in an emergency situation! 

I asked why the vet didn’t call Oodles of Doodles that night at the emergency hospital?...again, I was called a liar.  Is it because Lynne Fowler’s Oodles of Doodles has a reputation of not vetting their dogs?  Maybe so.  However, the vet had all the confidence to call Doodle Rescue Collective, Inc. to help.  Even at 1:30 in the morning EST.  That speaks volumes to DRC’s reputation.  We answered the call and we did what we said we would do…we came and got Liberty the medical care she needed.  Liberty is alive today, not because of Oodles of Doodles but, because of a quick thinking emergency vet and DRC. 

I know Lynne and followers will call me a liar for the following statements as well but, I have talked to Liberty’s former owners and they are grateful that we stepped in and helped.  They feel better that Liberty was given the surgery that they couldn’t afford.  The former owners did call Oodles of Doodles a “shady rescue from New Jersey”.  He said it to the emergency vet and to me and another DRC Board of Director over the phone.  I wouldn’t lie about something like this. 

There are many reputable rescues that DRC works with side by side without issue.  We all work together for a common goal.  It seems only Oodles of Doodles wants to work against each other.  I guess Lynne feels that we cut into her profits.

Please, Lynne, I would love for you to answer the questions I have posed.  Oh, that’s right, you don’t answer to anyone’s legitimate questions, you just block them so that questions cannot be asked.

I have been with DRC for almost 2 years and have been a part of numerous adoptions.  I can tell you that our adopters know that they have our ongoing support before, during, and after the adoption has taken place.  I am still in contact with adopters regularly and offer any support needed.  DRC does its due diligence in reference checking, etc so that we have successful adoptions.

Thank you for reading this…now back to the real reason DRC is here…saving doodle dogs.

This is a very well thought out essay, Tracy.  I appreciate the thought you put into writing it.  Your passion comes through loud and clear and your accusations are fact-based.  As with the rest of the DRC members,  animal cruelty is something we just cannot accept.  Liberty's lack of assistance/vetting etc. by Oodles of Doodles is animal cruelty and should be exposed for what it is. 

Thanks for your support, Nancy.  I didn't get into rescue for this drama.  I got into rescue to save dogs.  I don't like this ugly side but, I can't stand back and be called names for asking questions.  If Lynne Fowler really cared about the dogs she places, she would have tried to contact me to see how the dog is.  A "thank you" might have been nice as well for saving a dog that she placed.  Or, dare I say, an offer to share in the vet bill?  I guess all of those things are too much to ask.

Tracy, you are making such a difference in the rescue world.  So many of us are in awe of all that you and your Texas ladies accomplish.  You are appreciated.  It is also right to stand up for yourself so stand tall, girl!  We'll all be here to support you.

I posted this response after being called a busy body and a liar by Lynne Fowler and her followers is my response on facebook.

Great work Tracy all around. Loved your response on FB. I am sure LF and her cronies will see it. Keep up the great work you do.

I too was called a liar by LF and she would never answer my questions about the $$$. She just kicked me out of her association with no explanations at all.

Tracy, I don't know about Lynn Fowler, as she was before my time here.  But, I do know about this wonderful organization & it breakes my heart to hear it lied about.  The women here should be praised for all their humane & selfless work in helping our furry friends find the best FOREVER  homes. Being born in Odessa, Texas, even though I don't live there now, I know we stand up for what's RIGHT & I'm proud of you Tracy for speaking out about this WRONG......

When I look at this beauty's face, all I think is, "Thank goodness for amazing group of people!". Thanks to all for everything you do!!

WOW.  What a story.

thanks for making some of us new members aware of this women/organization.  To think that I almost got a dog from her.....

Tracy:  thanks for fostering this girl.  She is a beauty....




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