In order to confuse the public we now have a new dog "Cobbadog", well not a new dog just a new name.  Beverly Manners has decided that her ALD's are now to be called "Cobbadogs".  So as not to confuse things they are being registered by the MDBA foundation (who it seems will register any dog if the fees is paid).


Her inbreeding program has changed the name of the dogs a few times, this just seems to be the latest revision.

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This is ridiculous.

Take a look at the MDBA website, too. Nobody home:

And finally, the "Founder's Alliance"...all links take you in a big circle back to one of the other websites, lol!


I predict that there will still be no shortage of cacadogs cobbadogs truning up in rescue.

Ned, the Cobbadog!  Huh!??? Ned says he doesn't want to be a Cobba anything - we can just call him Little Prince and treat him like the royalty he  wants to be is.

Cobbadog!!  Sorry, but I don't get it!  The only thing this tells me is someone has a serious mental disorder with a good sales pitch. 

I've said cobba over and over again in my head.  Each time all I can think about is corn cob, "cobb a" up the ----, lol. 

"Cobbadogs?"  The name only confuses me.  I cannot begin to imagine what it is suppose to mean, if anything.

Serious mental issues is the key to this.  It is sad enough when someone does have mental problems, but even worse when it is publicly inflicted on others who innocently believe the crap hype.  I just love the strike out option!

Ditto to everything Nancy said!

....The final infusion, that of the Irish Soft Coated Wheaten 'completed' the new breed.   Perhaps we should take the hint and just buy an Irish Soft Coated Wheaten and save some money! some money which can then be used for training the Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, "terrier" being the operative word, lol.

terror you mean terrier.   :-)


Cobber - Australian slang term for friend or mate.


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