About a month ago I met an extraordinary man named Ken Keane and his doodle Ladro at the Brookdale Dog Park here in Montclair. We started chatting --the usual small talk as our doodles happily romped and played and Ken mentioned in that conversation that Ladro was a rescue dog adopted from a Florida shelter.

Of course our talk turned to the subject of dog rescue and then DRC and eventually our website dilemna. 2 hours later as the sun was setting we noticed that we were the last to leave the park as we were so engrossed in our conversation that we completely lost track of time. We exchanged numbers, said our goodnights and gathered our doodles for the short drive home.

That evening Ken joined DRC.

I awoke the next morning (or was it "afternoon?..lol) to hear from Karen that overnight Ken had made a thoughtful donation to DRC to be put towards our website costs. I thought:

"What a sweet gesture! My new friend is showing his support for our cause!"

...and I proceeded to open the automatic email alert from Paypal expecting to find a modest gift.

What I found to my astonishment was an unbelievably generous gift that not only covers our website fees for the entire year, but for the next 5 as well! To say that I was surprised beyond words is an understatement.

If you have a moment please stop by Ken and Ladro's page and thank him for his incredible gift to us and the doodles that we do our best to save every day.


Thank you Ken...You are DRCs rescue angel.

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Thank you, Ken. And welcome to the DRC family!
Ken is a prince among men, and his dog Ladro is one of the cutest little guys ever! Thank you so much, Ken, on behalf of all the doodles who can't tell you themselves! You are their hero!
THANK YOU SO MUCH! As someone who now has the most amazing DRC Doodle ever, I know how important this work is.....and the website is critical to its success.
Krista sent this to me and asked me to pass it on to you Ken....lol..It should be "Cigarettes and Doodles and Wild Wild Women".....

I think DRC just found it's official Theme Song!....LMAO!
Ken - Thank you so much for your generous donation and welcome to DRC!
It is so nice having a kind "benefactor" for our worthy charity. We are humbly grateful.
Now if you want Jac to answer the emails, that's another problem. Out of necessity she has become the master of multi-tasking. I often will be conversing with her on the phone and as Adrianne said she is typing away on her keyboard answering inquiries about dogs. Getting her away from the computer for a chat is a huge challenge. I know that when I'm talking with her on the phone for a really good conversation one of two factors are in place. Either she is at the dog park or in the bathroom. My question is often answered when I hear a good FLUSH!!!!
thanks again, Ken. Glad you are "one of us".....
Hey!..I do some my best work in The Can!...in between chatting with you all and catching up with the Jolie-Pitts via bathroom worthy rags like People Magazine.....
I take full credit for this behavior. I was the one who first modelled the "flushing while on long-distance phone-call with someone you've never actually met" behavior, and I am pleased and proud to say that Jacquie was quick to learn it!
been there!
Thank You Ken! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!


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