Last week DRC was asked by another rescue to take an adorable 9 month old F1 Labradoodle girl from North Carolina into our program....Terri was rescued from a neglect situation where she had been kept outdoors 24 hours a day and was completely ignored by her owners.

When this sweet pup was hit by a car a few months ago, an animal lover who had witnessed the neglect decided she had seen enough. She took Terri into her home so that she could recover from injuries and then be placed with a loving family willing to provide her with the love and attention she deserves.

It was then that this good Samaritan reached out to a local rescue for assistance and they in turn asked DRC to take Terri into our rescue program. Knowing that we had a wonderful foster-to-adopt family in NY State Liz suggested we bring this adorable girl up to NJ.

Thanks to Pilots N Paws pilot Mary McCutcheon (pictured in the middle below) who not only flew Terri to NJ from VA, she also fostered the pup in her own home for a week until bad weather conditions improved for flying.  I had the pleasure of meeting Mary and Terri at Caldwell Airport when they arrived. I also had the pleasure of meeting our new volunteers the Nielsens.



Terri is now safely in her foster home with the Nielsens in NY state and it looks like she may be there to stay! The Nielsens have fallen in love with her and have renamed her "Annie".......

Thank you Mary, thank you Nielsens and thank you Pilots N Paws!

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It isn't often we get the story from start to happy ending all in one post!  Thank you to everyone who made that possible, she's a beautiful girl who can now live a charmed life.

Even though I knew the story, seeing the pictures of Annie's story has given me chills!

Thank you Mary, thank you Nielsens and thank you Pilots N Paws!

This really IS a beautiful story!  I have tears in my eyes reading it.  I guess it hits home for me, because that's what happened to me...that I fell in love w my little black rescue whateverdoodle, never expecting to keep her up front, just to save her life.  Happy days Annie Nielsen!  A big knowing hug is coming your way from Lily Weintraub!!
Why am I not surprised they fell in love with her - I know it can happen!!  She is really a doll and so fortunate to have been surrounded by the right people even though her first owner wasn't one of them.  Nice to hear the story, beginning to happy ending!  She's in for lots of DRC loving!  Seems like there are lots of us falling for our fosters lately! 
 This warms my heart...what a happy ending!!  Thanks to everyone who made this possible and brought dear Annie home.  Have a happy life Annie!!!!

I'm so happy for her!!! That's a fabulous story, and thank goodness for the neighbor who saved her from a lifetime of neglect. I must say one thing though...


What is wrong with people in North Carolina recently??? I want to assure everyone that not all of us North Carolinians are neglectful dog owners... we're getting a bad name from all these bad owners and backyard breeders.

And scummy politicians.....


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