Scooby, is a 6 year old male Goldendoodle currently being boarded at a vets office in NY.
Great with people, kids too! He does not like other dogs and is dog aggressive. His owners cannot afford to keep him in boarding any longer and are considering putting him down! :( Dog Aggression DOES NOT equal "people aggression!"...Scooby is WONDERFUL with ALL people..Even little kids! He needs a home as the only dog with a big fenced in yard where he will be safe.
Unfortunately all DRC fosters have resident dogs! We don't have an appropriate foster for this boy! Scooby has a long wonderful life ahead of him and just needs the right home as an only dog and with a family that will not put him in situations where he will be set up to fail around other dogs! Please let us know if you are interested in helping or adopting Scooby.

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I hope that Scooby can find a great home with a big fenced yard, close to his current location. At 6 years of age, he deserves a home a family who will be devoted to him. 

Where in New York is Scooby?

Wrong Island...oops!...I mean Long Island...:  )

I hope someone can help Scooby.  Please keep us posted.

SCOOBY HAS A  HOME!!! Thank you and congratulations to the Shupe Family in Delaware! They are picking up Scooby this weekend!


Happy Tails to you,Scooby, may you live happily ever after with your wonderful new family!

Congratulations to Scooby and his new family!!!

That is the most wonderful news to hear today!  Congrats to Scooby.

Scooby, you made my day!!!  I'm so happy for you & your new family......


Wonderful to hear.  Happy tails to Scooby!!!

I am ecstatic for Scooby and his new family!  Dog are so wonderfully adaptable that I’m sure Scooby will make the Shupe family very happy.  Doodles are great!  Thank you so much to the Shupe family for saving this wonderful dog and thank you to his previous owners for boarding him and giving him the time he needed for someone to adopt him.  I’m just so happy.


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