Poor Red had a rough start in life.

Purchased from a breeder as a pup, this beautiful 3 year old boy was always a bit shy and fearful and really needed the kind of time, attention and socialization his family were not prepared to provide for a puppy.   He was left in the care of nannies most of the time who basically crated and neglected him. Always wonderful with humans particularly children, in his isolation poor Red became more and more fearful, anxious and reactive to humans. This behavior was attributed to separation anxiety and aggression.

In reality Red was in excruciating pain.

 After noticing his awkward gait, his tendency to favor one side and his sensitivity to touch foster mom Liz Syring immediately had a veterinarian x-ray this boy and veterinary specialists evaluate the films.

We have discovered that Red is suffering from hip dysplasia in both hips. His left hip being worse than the right, he has probably been in pain his entire adult life.  His former owners were completely unaware of Red's condition prior to surrendering Red to our custody.

The prognosis is that Red will need surgery within the next 18 months to 2 years to correct his hip dysplasia. In the meantime his condition is being managed with good nutrition, daily glucosamine and chondroitin exercise and pain medication.

Red has become a completely different dog in foster care. Now that his pain is being properly managed and he is receiving all of the love, time and attention he has always needed and deserved the change in him has been nothing short of miraculous.

This is poor sad, misunderstood and neglected boy is finally finding some peace, happiness and relief from his pain. He is a wonderful, sweet loving and well-mannered and devoted companion who loves to play and stick close to his caregivers. It gives his foster mom and all of us here at DRC so much joy to see Red finally enjoying his life!
DRC is raising funds to cover the costs of Red's hip surgery and promises to cover his expenses even after he is adopted to a wonderful family. 


You can help DRC make good on our promise to Red and his new family by donating to "Red's Fund."


All donations will be used for Red's surgery, rehabilitation and long term care and we will update you all on his progress.

On behalf of Red and other doodle dogs in need, we thank you so much for your generosity, support and friendship!

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I'm the lucky fostermom who is helping Red. He came to my house walking slowly and stiffly and had a very serious demeanor. He really acted like an "old dog". He is also quite fearful of strangers, loud noises and tall men (too bad for my 6'4" husband).  We are working diligently to rehabilitate him, both physically and emotionally. He is on arthitic pain meds with glucosamine daily as well as prescribed exercise twice daily. Luckily, he LOVES to walk on the leash. He also loves to snuggle and has taken to sleep between my husband and myself at night (my tall husband is so less scary when he's horizontal!!).  Red is now starting to play like the  youngster he is, running after tennis balls and trying to coax Seamus into chasing him in the backyard. He also tries to occasionally stand up on his back legs and give me a wet slobbery kiss on the face. What a very sweet boy who I suspect will need his new hip in the very near future. He also will need to be on Glucosamine and arthritic medicines for the rest of his life. Please help us help Red..... I've thought of calling him "Red Fenway" but didn't want to turn off all those Yankee fan supporters!!
So glad to hear about Red.  I've admired this photograph since he came to live with you.  He does look serious (in the photo at least).  I hope he finds his fur ever home soon and gets those new hips.  Please keep the updates coming it is sooo encouraging to hear about the fosters coming out of their shells.  Give him and Seamus a big hug from me and a Doodle lick from Emmett. 
Red is the sweetest looking doodle ever. I have chipped in and challenge everyone on DRC to chip in even a small amount every month. I've pledged to do just that. I'll chip in at least $30 a month and perhaps more if I can. Can anyone do me one better?
Thank you Andrea and to all our friends on DK as well as DRC who are helping Red to find the comfort and healthy life he deserves!!  We'll think of you all as we take our "rehab" walks each morning and evening! He's now able to climb up on the sofa since he isn't in constant pain and today he climbed into my lap as I watched TV. My own two doodles were a bit peeved but I whispered to them that I still love them tons!!

Update on Red: He was the star of our family picnic over the weekend. While our "biologic doodles" were kept behind kiddy gates for poor manners with preschoolers, Red was allowed free rein. He just LOVED milling around my grandsons, he didn't fear them like he does grownups.... My hubby is finally recognizing that his sudden movements (he's big and very clumsy) will frighten Red. I also took Red on a car trip yesterday to practice his desensitization.... he trembles like Mount Vesuvius when he rides in the car. Next time I'll bring along Seamus to help him relax during the driving.

Physically, he's coming along, taking his meds and getting his exercise in. Haven't convinced him yet to swim, despite the Orthopedic Vet's recommendation!

Thank to all who have donated to help his medical expenses. This boy is so special and truly worthy of saving.  Will post some pictures with the kids soon.

Well, our sweet Mr Red, who also answers to "FRED", has won our hearts. He is such a sweet and loving boy. He snuggles in the bed between my hubby and me. He happily relishes his walks outside, despite the pain he must be in. I have tapered down his arthritis/pain med on the vet's recommendation and unfortunately I didn't get far before he started to act again as if he is in pain. We're going back to the Vet Orthopedic surgeon tomorrow and it looks like he will be facing one hip replacement, as soon as we raise the funds. Think good thoughts for this lovable sweet boy.
I think of Red often...and you too Liz for taking such great care of this beautiful guy.  I've "chipped in" and will continue to whenever I can.  He deserves a pain free life and a future full of love.  Hoping and praying that we can raise the funds for his surgery real soon....and thank you!

Fred/RED is on a diet in anticipation of a hip replacement in the next couple of months. (that is positive thinking that we will be able to raise enough money for his new hip!!)  He weighs 60 lb now which is perfect for his size but the surgeon wants him "skinny"....So Red and I are on portion controls and ramping up our long walks and weekly sessions on the vet's scale.... Our goal is to lose 1/2 lb / week.  Will keep you all updated,.. And thanks to all his friends who are so selflessly helping his cause.

A special thank you for Maya, Deb K's special doodle who performed "tricks for hips" at the local puppymill awareness fair in Montclair, Maya performed tricks for $1 donations to Red's medical fund. Deb and Maya raised over $75 themselves!!!!

Just sent in my September chip-in and since October is right around the corner, I'll send that next week. Gotta set myself a reminder.
Thanks for the regular support, Andrea. You might be surprised to know that Red is a big fan of RAW/BARF diet!  He gets a raw fresh chicken piece in the evenings (he seems to love those drumsticks) and some grain free kibble in the mornings. Thinking of  you.
Hi Liz, that's great about the diet. I am sure he loves his "meat and bones". Glad he's doing so well. It must be hard to keep him on a diet though. He certainly looks like he loves his food. Cheers, and I won't forget for October. Gotta get that guy a new hip.

Jacquie, can you not post this on DK. With all those members I am sure we could get Red's numbers up. Or is there some rule that you can't do that on DK. I am not sure.




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