I just got the call a little while ago from Frannie herself as she was being prepped for an emergency appendectomy!.....

Apparently the pain came on rather suddenly this morning and became worse as the day went on until a visit to the hospital ER became necessary early this evening.

A CT scan confirmed: "Dat appendix gotta  go!"

She is in surgery as I type......

Frannie sounded like she was in pretty good spirits in spite of everything. When I mentioned this to her Frannie replied with her typical irreverence   "They just gave me excellent drugs and I need to hang up now before I become even more entertaining on the phone." ....LOL

I will update everyone the minute I hear she is out of recovery and in her room.

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Hi All...Frannie is still in the hospital but is doing much better. Turns out she does have pancreatitis and can't be discharged until she is able to eat solid food which she has not been able to do since last week. But I spoke with her at length tonight and she is in good spirits in spite of having to sit in the hospital hallway with all the other patients because of the tornado warnings in Atlanta this evening.....: )

Any update on she home yet?  I've heard that pancreatitis is so painful...poor Frannie.

you know, here's the funny part of my time spent in the hallway. Everyone out there seemed SO much sicker than I was! I swear it helped me get better faster!

I guess Frannie will have an interesting story to tell about her stay...... in the hospital hallway!

Get well soon, Frannie!

Wow bad enough being in hospital but to have to go through a potential tornado on top; poor Frannie hope she's home soon and feeling better.


Just wondering how Frannie is doing?


Hope she is feeling better - we miss her!!!

Hi guys! Thanks so much for all of your well-wishes! I have now been out of the hospital for 1 week, and am finally starting to feel a little more normal. I have a whole new respect for all of the poor doggies who go through pancreatitis and don't have the luxury of buzzing the nurse for more morphine!! I'm still not really on full solids, but can now handle egg whites and applesauce (woohoo!). 

Wonderful Nina stepped in and took over fostering Luna. My friends were (and are) amazing, but they didn't sign up to be doodle fosters and I felt guilty enough about all the help they were already providing, so a big, hearty, and continued THANK YOU to Nina and Phil!

My sister was with me for the first week in the hospital, and my dad came down too. Dad actually just left yesterday. Callie worked her magic and had him totally charmed! Now that dad left, my friends are helping me with Callie's walks - I can do business walks, but can't really get her well exercised.  Hopefully I'll be able to step back in soon. 

Upside - I never have to worry about having appendicitis! 

Again - thanks so much for the good thoughts and prayers!

Frannie, I am so glad to hear that you are on the mend.  Wishing you a speedy recovery from here on.


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