I just got the call a little while ago from Frannie herself as she was being prepped for an emergency appendectomy!.....

Apparently the pain came on rather suddenly this morning and became worse as the day went on until a visit to the hospital ER became necessary early this evening.

A CT scan confirmed: "Dat appendix gotta  go!"

She is in surgery as I type......

Frannie sounded like she was in pretty good spirits in spite of everything. When I mentioned this to her Frannie replied with her typical irreverence   "They just gave me excellent drugs and I need to hang up now before I become even more entertaining on the phone." ....LOL

I will update everyone the minute I hear she is out of recovery and in her room.

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I hope the surgery goes well! Feel better soon, Frannie!

Frannie - you've got two excellent nurses waiting for you at home.  Get well soon!

Frannie, hope all is well and you are on your way home and to a rapid recovery.

Frannine and I exchanged messages last night before surgery.  Her sister was flying to Atlanta and her dad was driving in as well.  Great neighbors are taking care of the the doodle girls until they arrive.  They will be there to help Frannie when she gets home.  I told her everyone was keeping their fingers anad paws crossed.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Wishing you a speedy recovery and lots of Doodle Kisses when you get home!

Best wishes Frannie for a speedy recovery. So glad you have a good support group to help out.

Paws up for your complete recovery.  Take care and allow yourself to receive - it sounds like you have some wonderful neighbors, friends and family to help out during this time :)

Frannie called this morning. When surgeons went to remove her appendix, it was completely normal. They removed it any way and she is recovering from surgery in her hospital room. Her pancreas is slightly enlarged and doctors think she has pancreatitis.

OMG!!!!! Poor Frannie! That's terrible! Now she has to recover from surgery and still has pain from the pancreatitis or whatever was causing it in the first place???

Please get well soon, Frannie!

prayers and best wishes Frannie!!!  I pray the surgery is safe, effective and the hands that heal you are steady!

  Get well soon, Frannie.  We will put you in our prayers.


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