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Over the past few weeks, we've seen more and more sad stories of Doodles being re-homed.   This has stirred up all kinds of emotions within our online Doodle community and others. But in almost every one of these situations, people's first response was to contact DRC.  Our friends and suporters have the confidence of knowing that a committed DRC volunteer will ALWAYS take immediate action to ensure the safety and well-being of these dogs. Just knowing that these doodles would be safe in the DRC Rescue Program and not sold, given away for free on Craigslist or dumped in shelters gave us all some peace of mind.  

Here's the thing…..DRC is being asked to take in and rescue more and more Doodles, and many of these dogs have come into the program with severe health and/or behavioral issues.  Most times DRC doesn't even know about these issues until we have already committed to helping the Doodle. Some have needed ongoing or emergency vet care that has cost DRC thousands of dollars. Such as in the cases of Stella and Luna; doodle sisters pulled from a TN kill shelter with advanced heartworm that required months of pre and post treatment care. 

And there was Liberty in Texas who needed close to $3000 in emergency surgery to remove a bowel obstruction and post-surgical care after her owners refused to pay for treatment.

I'm sure that you recognize the names of some of the other lucky Doodles DRC has rescued from shelters over the past few months….Goofy who had to be quarantined; Einstein, Peaches, Cassidi; Lacey, all heartworm positive; Brinkley our blind and deaf girl; Fozzi; Carson; Harper with the ectopic utterer; Wesley; Norman; Cash; Cole and others.  Vetting costs for these Doodles were significant, but each one of these dogs was worth saving.  To allow any of them to be euthanized would be unthinkable.

We are all well aware of the costs of  routine vet care for our own Doodles and know that emergency vet care can be astronomical!  What many may not realize is that  adoption fees RARELY cover DRCs expenses for our rescue dogs. The average "per dog" cost for basic vet care  (spay/neuter, vaccines, HW testing, fecal testing, lyme disease testing, and microchipping) is anywhere from $200 to $700 depending on the dogs geographic location and DRCs resources in that particular area.  The average cost of grooming each Doodle is $80-$100, and no DRC Doodle goes to their forever home without complete vetting and grooming.  So, that's what it costs DRC to vet and groom a "healthy" Doodle.

But as we have all come to learn through our volunteer friends posts, blog journals, and pictures, often times a rescue doodle's needs go far beyond the parameters of routine vet care.  There have been quite a few of these situations recently. And while we are so happy to have been able to save these doodles, the DRC veterinary fund has taken a severe hit.

So, what do we do when rescue " Doodle Dollars" are dwindling?….


..And this is a special one! 

Our own Patti Barry (PJ and Zach) has volunteered to create her "Doodle Days" personalized comics for five lucky DRC raffle winners!  I'm sure you've seen these awesome Doodle cartoons on Doodle Kisses and also on Facebook.  Here's one that Patti created for DRC Development Director Jane Fernald - WE LOVE IT!

Anyone donating $25 or more will be included in the Doodle Days Cartoon raffle.  You will receive your personalized and framed Doodle cartoon as well as an online version to share.  

Remember. There will be five winners for this prize.  

Anyone donating $50 or more will be entered in to the  drawing AND receive a beautiful, soft braided lead.

If you donate $100, you will be entered into a drawing to win the complete set of all six varieties of DRCs Casa del Doodle Doodlelicious wine in addition to your cartoon entry (remember we cannot ship to AL, AK, MD, MS, PA, UT, or outside the US).

And as always, anyone donating $150 or more to DRC will be entered into both drawings AND receive a DRC Puppy Paw necklace.

So, please consider donating what you can, and know how much your ongoing support makes a difference in the lives of doodles.

We are certainly hoping that this increasing trend of homeless and neglected Doodles will not continue, but in the meantime we need so your help to continue DRC's mission.

As always, your support is GREATLY appreciated!

Special thanks to our own Patti Barry (PJ and Zach) for volunteering to create her "Doodle Days" personalized comics for five lucky DRC raffle winners!  

And to all of you who make it possible for DRC to continue with our mission.

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Money is tight right now, but it is time for me to contribute again. Thanks for the nudge.  Sharing my on-line Patti Barry cartoon to nudge others to donate and get a chance for their own doodle cartoon. 

I feel honored that Patty has made Ned and Clancy famous.  My DD is so jealous of their cartoonized selves and wants one with her own rescued dogs (lab and lhasa-poodle).

Great prizes!  I'll be donating later today!

I love Patty's Doodle Days Cartoons!We feature them within our Facebook group every day! Here are a few of my personal favorites.

The Brad Pitt and the Mind Control ones are two of my favorites also.

Money is a tad tight for us also, with baby on the way, but I try to donate as often as I can. Every little bit helps. Good luck!

I just chipped-in, I wish it could have been more, but I gave what I could.

Just donated :)  Hope this helps :) Thanks for all the work you do to make sure our doodles are kept safe and healthy :)


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