I have scheduled another doodle romp in Pinellas county FL, Sat., Feb. 4. Shadow loves running in the park, meeting new friends! If any of you are in the area, all doods and their families are welcome.

I have contacted a number of "locals" and many are excited for the chance to let "the kids" play together. If you are interested, let me know and I will send details. We hope to do this each month at a different dog park locally, we even have a doggie beach for our swimmers in the summer (Ginger is definitely not a swimmer, but I am guessing Shadow will be.)

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Hi Susan: Please let us know about the Doodle romp this weekend. Daisy would like to bring us. Bob & Joanie & Daisy  

fritzmax1937@yahoo.com   Thanks                 Bob & Joanie & Daisy  

so far we have at least 6 doodle families who can attend this Saturday, and 17 who are interested in doodling around the area from time to time. (that's multiple doodles per some families too). Should be fun, hope we can find more as we hold these events.

Have you been to a doodle romp in your area? If so, did they do anything unusual and fun for the group?

Hope you all have a rollicking good time!

I am hoping that by having these romps, we might be able to find a few new foster homes for doods here in Florida. I will be wearing my doodle rescue shirt, and have my biz cards handy. And I know what a great scene it is to have 6-10 doodles running around (that's just to start for our first romp!), maybe others will notice and think "what a great bunch of dogs! wouldn't it be great to get a doodle too" ;)

the Doodle Romp last weekend went great! we had about 10 doodles come to the first one, and others who tried but couldn't make it. What a great bunch of doods. (I haven't downloaded my pics yet). I am taking suggestions what we can name the group so I can start a facebook page. so far only Pinellas Pack-a-Doodles is the best I can come up with (other than Dynamic Doodles, but that doesn't tell people where we meet). Help?!

Our new doodle group now has a facebook page called Doodles Romp On Pinellas. If anyone is in our area, check it out. I posted pics from the last romp and will post updates on future romps for our kids. Shadow loves to run and meet new friends, and I don't know when we'll be able to put up a fence at home, so the parks are a great option. Ginger, well, she'll just watch from the bench.


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