This was taken from the Huffington Post Canada's edition: Now Peter Worthington is not on my list of favourite people as he is too archly big C conservative for my political liking, but if what he has written is true, and I am sure it is as he would have checked his sources, this is absolutely despicable. How can PETA advertise as standing for the ethical treatment of animals? This practise is totally abhorrent.

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This is absolutely true...I've known this for years.  PETA is evil.  Even though they have done some good work on the issue of animal testing, their euthanasia percentage is dispicable.  I will never support them.


I agree completely.

OMD.....We have known this for quite some time.....PETA are a bunch of militant radical lunatics......They euthanize more animals than any other "animal welfare" organization in the country.....They are the Jihad of animal welfare....Seriously ...I put them in the same category....

thanks for posting this I checked it out and did some internet searching and found out more than I wanted to know. it makes me sick to read about them killing so many dogs.  I foster and rescue to do my small part!


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