I am wondering if anyone has transported their dog across the country by any means other than in the cargo hold of a passenger plane. I know there are transport companies, wondering if anyone would recommend one and if you know approximate costs and travel time. Just wondering for possible future use.

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If I had to move my dog across country by air, I would use Pet Airways. Pets fly in the cabin, not in cargo.


But the best way would be to travel by car with you, if at all possible.

Pet Airways doesn't fly to too many cities though. I know the drive would be better, but not sure about the time involved with that. Nothing is planned right now, since we have kids across the country, we may decide to rent a place for several weeks or a month at a time. Just looking to the future. I am wondering if there may be a train ride for people and pets?

Well, I was doing a little surfing after you asked this question and came across this website, which I will state upfront I know absolutely nothing about, it have to admit it sounds a little too good to be true.  That or you might just need a whole bunch of money I'm not sure which.  Anyway, might be worth researching it a little more.




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