No Other Way to Say It....Moving Really, REALLY SUCKS! ..A Brief Rant and Update

Hi All!....Great news! Doodle Rescue Collective has a new official HQ at 775 Rifle Camp Road, Woodland Park, NJ.

Bad news....It has been a hellish nightmare getting in here.....

Jeannine and I would like to personally thank all the volunteers primarily Karen and Adrianne for holding down the fort as we have been in the throes of relocation. In spite of our thorough and meticulous planning and preparation in the weeks and even months prior to the actual physical move, the task  has been a struggle riddled with battles on all levels....

From uncooperative landlords, loathsome, disreputable moving companies trying to scam and extort more monies in fees, to the complete and total incompetence of certain internet/phone service providers....The list goes on and on.

All the while doodles have continued to be in need and thanks to all of you and your patience and dedication, we have continued to operate with few disruptions.

Jeannine and I had literally spent hours and hours on the phone with our new internet/phone provider and Comcast our former carrier, for weeks prior to our move to ensure a fluid, smooth and uninterrupted transition of our phone and internet service which had been scheduled to be activated on our move in date.

As of last night, we had been without internet and phone service in this house since last Friday.

One guess as to who is solely responsible for that nightmare.....

I'll give you a hint...It rhymes with "Horizon"....

Don't get me wrong....We admire Verizon for hiring the "clinically brain dead" , giving them an opportunity to be useful productive members of society with jobs and purpose...To torment the innocent paying customers on the other end of the telephone.....But couldn't they at least have the courtesy to provide these human equivalents to pieces of cheap lawn furniture with some training?...How about a manual?

After all. These poor individuals would otherwise be taken off life support and for lack of a better term, "humanely euthanized."

All I have to say to that is to offer one of my favorite lines from the movie "Pet Semetary":.......  

"Sometimes....Dead is Better"

I would have to wish the same towards any moving company, specifically "Great American Van Lines"  as they are nothing more than liars, blood sucking crooks and terrorists who quote you a price on paper and then resort to holding your earthly possessions hostage at your expense BTW, til you pay their additional ransom.....


And we actually expect humans to treat animals with respect?..... 


Now the GREAT news....


4 doodles are in heaven loving their new digs and their acre and 1/2 sized yard.


....And 2 exhausted rescuers are officially back on line and back at work.










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You guys are all amazing and doing amazing work.  It's a pleasure  and honor to help you out whenever I can.
Thank you Tracy.....It's been a total nightmare! We are waiting for the day we can wake up and laugh about it all.....not there
You guys are amazing!  Now you need to relax and get some Doodle Kisses!

Thanks Gail......There have been plenty of Doodle Kisses throughout....We just wish that the doods held chiropractic licenses and/or were certified in Shiatsu massage.......It would be great to be able to say:

" Hey Sully....How about you pull yourself away from that marrow bone and give momma and auntie a little deep tissue rolfing around the shoulders?"

What am I, chopped liver???

and I helped (use the Rice a Roni voice for that) and have the sore muscles and black & blue marks to prove it! I doodle sat for an extra 4 doodles (I had the most wonderful day playing with 6 doodles!!), schlepped & moved 2+ closets of clothes, unpacked a couple of boxes, brought a pot of coffee, made sure Jeannine had her Hazelnut coffee creamer, helped hold the dryer to level it out and all around helper.


Adrianne you ROCK!.....Our own "Nanny McPhee" .......The only person we would entrust with all of the doods........And then schlepping all of my ridiculous clothes?...(Oy vey!....) Can anyone say "GARAGE SALE??
It looks like a great place!  Congratulations!

Thanks Leslie....It is a rental and not without issues...(the house is pretty small and we had to fence in 1/2 an acre ourselves) but the rent is reasonable, the area is fantastic ( next town over from Montclair), the property is incredible...very private and quiet......

Thank goodness a former boyfriend of mine is in the fence business!

I thought those "people" only worked for Social Security.  Huh, they are all over the place.  The new digs look great despite all your headaches and the yard - OMG!  Just relax and know that we've "got your backs"  And yes, moving sucks. 
LMAO! Deb you can't imagine the degree of idiocy and incompetence.......A simple phone call and service order is like Rubik's Cube to these people...........It blows my mind!
What a beautiful location for you, Jeannine and all those Doodles!  It's all behind you now...lots of great things to look forward to.  Lovin those two rocking chairs on the for you and one for Jeannine while you watch the Doodles "frolic" in the yard.  What's wrong with that picture.....oh yeah, you'd have to get off the computer to do that.  LOL
Congratulations!  Moving is the pits, but it looks like a beautiful property.


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