Hi, I'm new here so hopefully I'm doing this correctly. I just adopted my first doodle from a shelter in Southern Ohio- a week ago tonight. I've noticed over the past couple days her behavior has changed. She's about 19 weeks old & were still working on potty training. What's changed is that now when I leave her in a room (for instance the kitchen while I go upstairs to get my kids pajamas) she will urinate at the gate or door or whatever keeps her from me. It doesn't matter if my Golden is in the room with her or even tonight my parents & children were there & she still went when I was out of her sight. I've never experienced this before & was wondering if anyone could help?!

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Christina - I was just re-reading you post and thinking that pup is so young, you will see her go through many changes. There is a fear stage many puppies go through I think around that age. You may be doing this already, but leave her in the same gated area - in site of you - but with you not in the gated area. And never make any big deal about putting her in the spot, or leaving or even praising her when you return. It's all "no big deal". So she can get used to the idea that these little changes will happen and it doesn't mean the world is going to end. I think I would be inclined to ignore that peeing at this point. When you find she's done it, discreetly clean it as though nothing even happened. Just an idea.
Rereading your post and wondering how things have been going?  We all would love an update please when you have a minute (what with kids and dog that probably is pretty rare).  But just wanted you to know that we're thinking of you. 


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