"I have goosebumps right now.  I just heard from Jacquie, and Midnight is out of surgery, and his prognosis is excellent.  As many of you know, they had to postpone the surgery yesterday because he had a skin irritation, and they needed to be sure there was no infection.  The surgery today took four hours, and four surgeons operated on him.  I haven't stopped thinking about this poor guy, and it's a huge relief that it's over.  He should now live a full and happy Doodle life without pain.  Our "blanket drawing" is planned for tomorrow evening...we'll have a video of Daisy picking the winner, and we'll post that here in a discussion." 

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I am so thrilled beyond words!!!
Enjoy your new hip, Midnight!
Horray for Midnight - time to start a new painfree life!!! What a great group who made it possible!
Hooray! Great news! I hope the recovery goes well. Chin up, Midnight! Good things are on the way for you!
Absolutely wonderful news. Hip! Hip! hooray! (Pun intended). We all love you midnight and the doctors who helped you and all the wonderful people who have made it possible. I know you'd give everyone a big lick if you could. Rest and you'll be on your feet with your new hip in no time.
What wonderful news! This just made my day. What a nice Christmas present for Midnight. Hooray!
YAY for Midnight!!! Sooo happy for him!
Happy kennel resting!...if your foster mom needs any ideas on keeping you occupied, I have 'em. Jet is on week 4 of kennel rest :). Here's to a new pain-free life for the new year!
I would like to take the opportunity on this joyous day to personally thank our DRC Family, our DK family and everyone who has supported and continues to support Midnight, DRC Inc and our rescue efforts on behalf of these wonderful dogs.

Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers who together pulled Midnight and his companion Daisy from the shelter in South Carolina and transported the pair to the loving arms of Judy Steelman and her husband TJ in North Carolina. Midnight would surely have been put down had DRC Coordinator Lynda Strommer not spotted the pair and tagged them for rescue.

Thank you to Judy & TJ Steelman for not only driving 12 hours to pick up both dogs but for their tremendous hearts, their committment and their willingness to do whatever was and is necessary in order for Midnight to make a full and complete recovery from his ordeal.

Our hearts are full this evening with happiness, love, appreciation and gratitude knowing that this beautiful, sweet soul will finally have a happy, healthy, pain-free and love-filled life thanks to all of you.

Before I become even more weepy than I already am tonight, I would like to share Judy's most recent email (see below) with you all.....

Thank you.....Thank you for EVERYTHING! You are an amazing group of people and I am proud and honored to be in your company.



Diane from UNCVH called me again to let me know that Midnight is doing extraordinarily well. He can get up and stand by himself! Very good sign. He will be getting a 2nd round of meds soon. She said he is in a different kind of pain now -- the surgical pain but they are thrilled with his progress. Thank God!

I'll be leaving soon for Charlotte to pick up TJ. He was so happy to hear Midnight was doing well. Diane will call me in the morning with another report about how Midnight did throughout the night. Love you guys! If he continues along this way, he will be able to walk and someday run with very little or no pain at all!!

Fantastic!! Onward and upward from here Midnight!!
I came upon Midnight's plight only yesterday while surfing the net for doodle information. The minute I saw Midnight's sweet picture with his legs crossed, cute as a button, my heart smiled; then I read his story and tears came to my eyes. As I read about the efforts to save him and give him the life he so deserves, I was amazed to learn of this wonderful network of angels called Doodle Rescue Collective who are giving their time and money to help countless doggie souls find their forever homes where they will be loved and appreciated. You are an amazing group; it restores my faith in people, many of whom do not realize that dogs are one of God's greatest gifts to mankind. Keep up your amazing work and tell Midnight that he has one more friend in this world who will support him and pray for his recovery.
Wonderful news!


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