Thanks to Colleen who drove all day Friday, we were able to get the TN doodles out of the shelter on Friday morning.


Here are their shelter pictures.

The shelter did a great job of shaving them down, but to live in my house, they needed baths.We washed them together in the shower, trimmed, cleaned & plucked their ears, trimmed nails and brushed teeth. They got the full spa treatment here!

Meet Oscar ( white left) & Obi! 

They were in an extreme neglect situation. I believe they were caged their entire lives. They don't know how to interact with humans, they are unsocialized. They don't know how to live in a home or do stairs. Need a lot of rehabilitation.They seek engagement with us. We are teaching  them how to wear a  collar, walk on a leash,sit, and stay and that humans can be loving and fun!

Both dogs were neutered, chipped and HW negative. Appear to be 2.5 -3 years old.They are medium size non-shedding doodles. 

Both dogs are attached to each other, however I believe they should be separated so that they can become the dogs they were meant to be. So I am recomending 2 adoptions. They would do well with a family with another dog ( can't comment on cats as we don't have any). Are happy and excited with my teen girls.

Obi- golden,  fleecy non-shedder, approx 20 in at the shoulder, 40.5 He has a long tail that is not curved. He is on antibiotics for a respiratory infection, but responding well. His eyes are infected also, but getting better each day. He is a sweety, wants to be loved so much!

Oscar - white, 35 lbs, 19" at shoulder, fleecy non shedding coat. Has a long curled tail. He is on antibiotics as a preventative measure. Lively personality! He has a cute beige spot on his hind flank.

Welcome the two newest DRC doodles!  They will be ready for adoption in a few weeks.

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Diane, thank you so much for taking these boys and showing them that life can be good and people can be kind. They are lucky, lucky doodles!

What kind of a person could let them get to that state?!  That's horrifying!  Thank you for taking them in.  They already look soooo much better and sooooo much happier.

Hello Oscar and Obi what darling doodles you are. You are so lucky to have found such a good foster home. You will soon learn that humans can be loving and caring and will look after you for the rest of your lives. It's all ahead for the two of you. Your foster mom and her girls are angels.

OUCH!!!!  Some people aren't human, come to think of it, they aren't canines either!  

Am so glad these two guys made it to you in VA. Thank you again Diane and Colleen for giving them a chance at a great life! Good luck with the next few weeks.

Diane & Daughters!

They cleaned up well and look so much better from when I picked them up in Roanoke!  My mom even called me Saturday morning and said "I can't get the smell of them out of my nose", but I also can't stop thinking about them! It was her first experience doing this sort of thing (and mine too!) Thanks for posting and I can't wait to share this with her!



They are with the best Fosters!! Diane, you and your daughters really do a fantastic job with cases like this!

I had to chuckle when I read your desciption as non-shedding - the poor guys can't afford to shed any of their hair!  lol

Thank you for helping Oscar and Obi live life to the fullest - I'm sure the transformation will be amazing.

Wow - so great to see them on the road to recovery. Heartbreaking looking at their shelter pictures. It does look like they need some muscle, and just general nutrition on those bodies. Thank you soooo much for taking them in - can't wait to hear more of their story.

Thank you for fostering them and giving them a start to a new loving life.

Thank goodness for people like you --all of you are angels for rescuing these poor babies from someone who is more like Satan himself for letting these dogs get into such a deplorable state--I can't believe anyone would do this to an animal. Thank you for giving them a chance at a happy life. 

How - How can anybody do this to an animal!!!  So glad they are in your care and looking forward to watch how they develop and meet their furever families!


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