I was able to rescue Maxine today from a kill shelter in Fredericksburg VA and am fostering her. She is  approximately a 2 yr old doodle- can't tell if a labradoodle or goldendoodle yet. She was surrendered from a family who supposedly had another dog, no fenced yard and couldn't handle her. She is spayed, and we were able to us the Vet clinic next to the shelter for her shots.

She is beautiful, clearly used to being in a home, and has excellent people skills!  She jumped right into our car and sat on the seat  and looked like " ok, let's go!".   She loves playing ball with us- knows commands and listens better than my two doods!

We gave her a bath, and clipped her nails. Luckily she was already shaved down, but her hair is very silky, a buff color and I think she will be beautiful when she grows out!

She chowed down her lunch ( I cook my own dog food), and went for a walk and is seems to be adjusting to our home. She loved running out in the fenced yard with my daughter already.

My other 2 doodles are reacting ok to her, they are working out the heirarchy.
Thanks DRC for asking me to rescue her and foster her!
This  picture is her riding in the car to our home.

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Oh, she's beautiful! What a sweet face! Thank you so much for rescuing her, Diane! She is going to make some lucky family very happy, thanks to you!
Great News for her ! She's beautiful. She looks all settled in, in the backseat! She's so lucky to have you!
Wow, she is beautiful! She is so lucky you came long to get her. Apparently she was grateful as well. Look forward to hearing more about her.
She is so beautiful!
Oh, Diane, you weren't kidding! She really is just gorgeous! I am so thrilled your girls are loving her as much as I am sure she is loving them and all the attention she is getting!
Thank you for dropping everything and going to get her!!
I am sure there is a lucky waiting for out there. She is adorable.
She is so beautiful, her face looks just like my standard poodle Ryu's face.
Maxi Update: She is a wonderful kind, loving dog. Is attracted to people versus other dogs. She is very affectionate. We are in love with her. I am taking her to the vet tomorrow, as she is coughing and hope that she doesn't have kennel cough. She is lethargic today, I think the home cooked food I give her might be too much. She is so skinny, we are trying to put meat on her bony body!
She loves to play fetch with a human, but not with my other two doods. So they are somewhat annoying, as they keep trying to engage her to play with them. They are a pack, and I think they want to add her, but she isn't interested. She will make a great single pet home dog!
My son and fiance were here over the weekend, and fell in love with her. They might be the perfect family for her. We will see. So far, it has been a wonderful foster experience!
She's a gorgeous dood. Hope she doesn't have kennel cough, but at least it's treatable if she does.
She is beautiful! We would love to meet her! We have been looking for a new companion. Our family dog passed away in July and our house seems so empty. Thank you for getting her from the shelter.
We have filled out an application for Maxine. She is absolutely gorgous and we already have an F1B who very much wants to be a big sister to her. Please consider our application all the way from sunny South Carolina. My spouse is retired and we can both come at the drop of a hat to pick her up.


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