Honey is a gorgeous and sweet 8-month-old Labradoodle puppy with 2 torn and ruptured anterior cruciate ligaments ("ACLs.") Honey's owner had posted a desperate plea on Doodle Kisses a few weeks ago when her husband refused to pay for surgery to repair Honey's injuries. It was a last attempt to find Honey a new home with someone willing to pay for her surgery before opting for the unthinkable alternative.

Thankfully,our friends at DK directed Honey's owner to DRC and we spent the last few weeks making arrangements to get Honey into foster care and into the DRC program.

Well...........We have great news. Thanks to all of our friends at DK and the efforts of many, sweet Honey is now safe in foster care in Ohio and is scheduled for surgery next week to repair her ACLs!


Honey's family adopted her through an ad on Craigslist and was completely unaware that Honey had already torn one ACL from rough play with another dog when they adopted her. This was confirmed by a visit to the vet a few days later. The vet warned the family that should they not repair the injury with surgery, Honey had a very high probability of injuring or tearing her other ACL. Shortly after the confirmation of her first injury, Honey did end up tearing her other ACL.


When her family decided they didn't want to pay the nearly $8000 in surgery costs to repair Honey’s injuries, they were instead considering senselessly euthanizing an otherwise perfectly healthy, wonderful and beautiful puppy.

Thankfully, the family was directed to DRC and we just could not turn our backs on poor Honey.


Yesterday, Honey was flown from her home in Seattle, WA to her wonderful foster mom DRC and DK's own Sheri Clement in Ohio.

Our amazing vet, Dr. Rachel of Animal Medical Center In Indianapolis, IN will perform the surgery to repair Honey's ACLs next week. Because of the severity of Honey's injuries, (as you can see in the video) Dr. Rachel will be repairing BOTH ACLs at the same time.

Dr. Rachel has generously offered to perform the surgery on both ACLs for less than the normal cost of ONE surgery.

And Honey's prognosis after surgery?............ EXCELLENT!



Honey will be recovering with Sheri and her husband in Ohio post surgery and will be ready for her new forever home sometime in late August.

It's thanks to our wonderful veterinary partners like Dr. Rachel, our amazing volunteers, friends and supporters like our DK family, that DRC is able to help doodles with special needs like Honey, Harper, Gentry and others who may not have been given a chance without our "collective" help.

DRC has set up a fund to cover part of the expense of Honey's pending surgeries and rehabilitation. If you would like to make a contribution to the DRC "Honey Pot" please click on the link below. Donations to DRC are tax deductible and all monies raised will go directly towards Honey's surgery, rehabilitation and post operative care.


As always, we are eternally grateful for your undying generosity and support!  We couldn't do what we do without all of you!


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Sheri, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for caring for Honey. 

Honey has really gotten a poor start in life.  I am so glad that she is getting the repairs she needs.  When my Springer tore his first CCL, I was told the second tear was most likely a 'when' not an 'if.'  To let a helpless animal suffer is inexcusable but to do nothing and let it get worse is true cruelty.  Having been through this with my own dog makes me want to inflict serious pain on Honey's former owners both first and second. 

Sheri, thank you so much for fostering Honey through her surgeries and rehab.

Amen, Nancy. 


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