Meet Fitzgerald, that's Senator Fitzgerald to be exact! :) Fostered in IN

I was inspired by the blog posts and forums of others talking about their fosters so I thought share Fitzgerald's story!

First, let's take a look at his handsome face! Quite frankly, he melts me like butter! :)

Fitz has been with me for two weeks today and he has been an absolute joy!  He doesn't really care for my dogs (they can be a bit annoying ;)) and there has been quite a bit of growling going on!  But with each new day, we make more progress and they seem to tolerate the existence of each other. But when it comes to people, cats and kids, he is 100% Mr. McLovin!  He trusts people instantly, in fact he showed me his belly the first night! And he is so well-behaved.  No crate, no accidents, no chewing, no nothing...just perfect.  All he really wants is my attention! 

Unfortunately, for him he came to me with his family jewels intact so last week he had the dreaded surgery! All those hormones make be causing some of his dislike for my dogs.  Poor Fitz resting after his surgery! Such a sweet boy...

Poor Fitz had complications from his neuter (let's just say, swelling the size of a softball!) so back to the vet we went for antibiotics, pain pills and anti-inflammatories. Last night he was feeling so much better and actually played with a tennis ball for a little bit!

Now that he's feeling better, He and I can concentrate on finding him his forever home.  He's going to be hard to give up, but with the right person or family I can do it for him!  He's got alot of love to give someone!  Seriously look at this face...I think he's an old's all in those eyes!

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I'm so glad Fitz finally found his forever home! Congratulations, Fitz & family!
Yea Fitz! And yea Jeannine for fostering him and getting him to his forever home!
I love these follow-ups! Fitz is going to have a great life, I am sure of it. Thanks Jeannine for fostering him :)
. . . .and they all lived happily ever after! what a wonderful story - thank you for sharing.
Congrats Fitz family!! Can't wait to see pictures and hear stories about him!
Great job Jeannine!...Thank you and congratulations to the wonderful family that adopted him!....Aren't they great?....I loved talking with them....

BTW-I had a GREAT time on the phone with you and Adrianne the other night listening to chicken-lady's message....LMAO!.....
What a handsome face. He does look very wise. Thanks so much for fostering him.


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