Has anyone had any dealings with this person?  My husband and I were trying to adopt another Doodle through Oodles of Doodles website and when I emailed her with my concerns I got the most absurd and unprofessional responses!  Then, she threatened to put me on a DNA (Do Not Adopt List)???  Huh?  I threatened her with my attorneys and told her I was reporting her but aside from Petfinder I do not know who else to contact?  Any help?  

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can you see my happy dance?!?!?!?

OMG do you mean someone might have finally got the goods on that b*tch. I just hope this plays out as it should.


Andrea.. What is the deal with this nut??

Molly, I am afraid that the long sorry saga would fill a small book, and I am not the one who has all the details on the story. Suffice to say she used to be involved with this DRC, and when she was removed from the board of directors for conduct unbecoming shall we say, she stole the original website and all the content and set about trying to destroy the reputations of the good people who run the DRC. With much trouble and effort, this site got back up and running and LF has refused to this day to return what she stole.

She continues to claim that she is a rescue resource and that she is actually involved in rescue. As you know from your own experience, this is not true. She's in it for whatever money she can get out of it and not in it to help any dogs - doodle or otherwise. Just be glad for your sake that you found the real DRC, and if you have made an application for a doodle, you will be dealing with a grop of people who are honest, transparent in their dealings, and above all, have the biggest hearts in the world for the dogs they rescue. There are other discussions here regarding LF I suppose if you searched through them, you would see the extent of the damage she has caused.

Thank you Andrea!....:  )..

Molly I am so sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. What Andrea and Karen have explained is all true. Yes Petfinder is most upset about the whole situation as are the IRS, the Department of Consumer Affairs and and other agencies. We have been assured that  they are all on top of it.

Molly, you might share your experiences with IDOG Rescue as well including the text of that unprofessional email. There's a link to their "contact us" website. http://idog.biz/ContactUs.html.

Will do thank you!  Happy New Year!

You know, there may be a way to stop her....is she still listing dogs on petfinder? If so, probably very few of her dogs are in her care, and each one of us may be able to take a step. We are all over the country. If you see a dog listed by her "organization" on petfinder in your area, contact her directly (as it indicates in Petfinder to do), and get the name/number/address of whoever is fostering the dog listed. TALK TO THE FOSTER, discuss the issues, ask if the foster is getting reimbursed for expenses, and if not, get the dog directly from the foster, turn over to doodlerescue.org ?? Would this be a legal way of dealing with her profiting from the good deeds of others?

This is what she THOUGHT I was going to do with our Shadow, but of course, I just wanted him for myself. what do you think?

I am not sure Susan, it might work in some instances if she doesn't know the connection of the person with DRC. She will start an online war again, and I am not sure folks here want to get involved in that yet again. It's awful what she's doing, but I think it will take one of the big organizations, like Petfinders, to get the goods on her. There are incredibly some people out there who still believe her drivel.

maybe, but if one person can make a difference, imagine what the group of us can do. I feel so badly for those whom she takes advantage of. I don't like to talk badly about people, but if we know FACTS and can back them up, people need to know before she takes advantage of them too.

Yes you are right Susan, we could make a difference if people are willing to listen. I try as best I can to blunt the force of LF's message on other sites. We all do what we can.

Susan, Lynne Fowler has been profiting from other people's hard work, good deeds, creativity and dedication since day one and at the expense of animals. 

She is a consummate liar, thief and professional "coat tail rider", who possesses neither the intellect nor the skills to create anything of her own. LF is as one DRC supporter described, "a parasite so void of character she does not care what humans or animals she hurts in her sad and pathetic pursuit of attention and recognition."

Everything this person claims to have created is stolen, plagiarized and copied. The stolen DRC website, our authored articles and intellectual property, our name and identity. Even the "Oodles of Doodles" name and identity were stolen from it's original creator and the organization of that very same name that she founded.

You cannot even begin to imagine what the DRC organization has gone through because of this one sick individual.


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