Has anyone had any dealings with this person?  My husband and I were trying to adopt another Doodle through Oodles of Doodles website and when I emailed her with my concerns I got the most absurd and unprofessional responses!  Then, she threatened to put me on a DNA (Do Not Adopt List)???  Huh?  I threatened her with my attorneys and told her I was reporting her but aside from Petfinder I do not know who else to contact?  Any help?  

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Hi Molly,

sorry you went through that with LF but not surprised. this will answer all your questions and give you lots of background.

You should contact PetFinder. People like her give true rescues a real bad name.

Make sure you send in your adoption application.


Where in Philly do you live? My Husband went to Cheltenham back in the day, family now lives downtown - moved from Main Line several years ago.

Welcome to the DRC!!


Hi Adrianne,

Boy am I glad I found this site!  I thought it was just me and I had a bad application!  When I questioned her procedures and how they benefit the animal and then threatened to report her to petfinder (which I did) she threatened to put me on a DNA (Do Not Adopt) list??? Can she do this?  When I threatened her with my attorney if she did, she backed right down.  We live in the great northeast (hubs is a cop).  We were both raised in Philly. I went to school at 19th and Wood, I love the downtown area!  Wish I could afford to live there.  Thanks again for replying and wish me luck in our search!


Molly, there is no "DNA" list, except those that a rescue itself keeps in house. There's no official big "Do Not Adopt" list that all rescue groups share. Occasionally when there is a documented case of abuse or a known hoarder, emails will go around among rescues that are affiliated warning other groups to "look out for so-and-so, do not adopt to her", that kind of thing.

However, private rescues do have somewhat rigid policies and requirements for adoptions, especially groups like ours that place dogs who are in high-demand. For example, we do not adopt to families with children under the age of 5, and if there are children under the age of 16 in the family, there must be a securely fenced yard, no electric fences. There are good reasons for these policies, but sometimes applicants become upset that they do not qualify to adopt and lash out at the rescue. So it's important when applying to adopt any dog that you first read the rescue group's policies and requirements. Ours can be found here: http://www.doodlerescue.org/notes/DRC_ADOPTION_POLICIES_AND_PROCEDURES

Hi Karen!  Thanks for your input.  I have read your policies and filled out my app last night.  Within hours, someone got back to me and said that the app looked good and I would be notified if any adoptable pets came our way.  I NEVER got such an email from Oodles of Doodles.  My problem was not with the rules.  Obviously a rescue dog will have an ENTIRELY different set of need than our big guy who has been with us since he was 8 weeks.  I totally understand the need for rules and procedures in this case but when someone can't give me a concrete answer, does not even recognize that an app was sent and claims she was busy because of the holidays, that doesn't sound like a viable excuse.  I also got a two paragraph rant about how spoiled her dogs are and that she feeds them prime rib???  I just didn't understand any of her writing and quite frankly became quite disturbed.  I understand that rescue dogs are super special and need a super special forever home so I understand the stringent rules, however if you can't answer basic questions without ranting I questioned her practices.  I have filled out my app here at DRC and will be patiently awaiting our next forever friend!

Sounds good to me! Sometimes the wait for the right match can be longer than we'd like, but I can assure you, it's worth it! :)

I just adopted Shadow from a wonderful woman who unknowingly linked up with LF when trying to find how to get him adopted/listed on petfinder. LF listed him on petfinder, but that is all she would do. I paid the foster mom directly for all her expenses relating to his care, because LF would not reimburse her, but was asking a huge amount to adopt the dog (for her own profit it seems). I had to go through LF with one email, and she put me in touch with the foster directly. hopefully you can do that too.

The problem with this is that unless the foster is a veterinarian, how would anyone know if the dog has had all the veterinary care he/she needs, or that everything has been checked (fecal, HW, etc.) and the dog is UTD on all vaccines and preventatives and doesn't have parasites? Leaving veterinary care of an unknown dog to a foster's discretion is...unimaginable. Maybe the foster doesn't think such-and-so treatment or preventative is necessary, or that it costs too much. There has to be an across-the-board vetting protocol for all dogs coming into a program, determined by the rescue administrators, and those things have to be followed for every dog. Even then, certain kinds of health issues cannot be known...rescues do not routinely do hip Xrays, for example, unless there is a visible problem. But at least the basic health issues have been addressed.

Request the paperwork, and if none is available assume there has been no current vet care. That is why working with DRC is so helpful if you are a foster. They pay for the vet visit and any required shots, etc. I have copies of all Shadow's recent vet bills, plus some of his history that the former owner turned over to the foster mom. He had all shots given by the foster's vet except distemper, which was overdue so I took care of that.

How sad that this woman is still allowed to operate this website and take advantage of people at the expense of poor doodles who need homes.

Molly -

When we come to Philly, we must meet and let the doodles play!!


Adrianne!  I would love to!  Murdock lives to play!  Especially with other doodles!

Hear back from petfinder.  They were most disturbed at Lynne Fowler and her emails.  They asked me not to be discouraged and that they would look into the Oodles of Doodles organization.


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