UPDATE - Shag adopted Labradoodle at the Port Charlotte, Florida - Animal Welfare League

There is a 1 yr old, black, large,  Labradoodle named Shag at the Animal Welfare League of Port Charlotte, Florida.  I called for info and was told he was adopted once but the League took him back after the adopters tried to sell him on Craig's list.  He jumped a 3 ft high fence and ran the neighborhood was their excuse.  I do not think this is a kill shelter and he should find a family quickly (again) my concern is that they aren't properly vetting adopters.  This boy needs a forever family that will give him the exercise that he needs.  Anyone in the area looking for a doodle?  

HAPPY DANCE!! Shag was adopted today by an active couple in their 50's. He has a forever family and I guess it was love at first sight for all them. So Shag - where ever you are - there is a piece of my heart there with you!! Live happy ...

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I hope some Florida DRC members see this and are at least able to help the shelter screen possible adopters and at best get him for the DRC to screen adopters..

Nancy - I am right here but I don't know what to do.  I could foster short term (I'm in a rental while we build) but I have no idea if they would give him to me.  What should I do?

And when I say short term - I mean Short term - we could get ourselves kicked out.  That wouldn't be pretty.

If it's not a kill shelter, they most likely will not let a rescue pull an adoptable dog. 

They actually have their own fostering program: http://www.awlshelter.org/foster.php

This is very much like the private shelter where I found JD. I like to think they did an excellent job of vetting his adopter, lol. 

Here is a link to Shag's photos and info:

This is reassuring: Does AWL euthanize animals?

It is not our policy or philosophy to euthanize animals unless it is absolutely necessary. It is our responsibility to the public not to adopt out dangerous or sick animals. We work very hard to keep all our animals healthy and to find them new homes. However, if an animal is suffering, very ill, refuses to eat/drink over a prolonged period of time, or is completely unsocial around people and/or other animals, it may be considered for euthanasia. We have a review process. Each decision is carefully evaluated. Once a decision is made, we have trained and certified technicians on staff to ensure the animal doesn't suffer and passes on peacefully.

Is there a time limit for animals held at the shelter?

No. Once an animal is evaluated and goes up for adoption, there is no time limit as long as the pet remains friendly and healthy. We have had several animals that stayed at our shelter for over a year until they were adopted.

This is reassuring.  I guess the people who they got Shag  back from just slipped through their vetting radar as being responsible people.  It happens.  I'll bet they are more careful next time to make sure he goes to an appropriate home.  

Jane, if you live near there, you could always go visit Shag and show some interest - not to adopt but to make the workers notice him more.  As a school employee, I noticed that those parents who showed more of a physical presence  seemed to get more attention for their children. So maybe . . . .

Nancy - I'm planning to go visit him tomorrow.  I wish I could take him but dh lost his job two years ago and between Rooney and Stuart - I just can't afford a third dog.  Stuart at 75 lbs is a big dog for me to handle as he still has his "puppy" in him- he just turned 3 last month.  I'll check on Shag and try to make sure they realize that he needs a family who can be very active.  Love ya all!

I am sure that will help.  Just showing an interest in him will help.  Message me about your visit.

We are now Shag's sponsors - yippee!  I have someone interested but it remains to be seen if they get there before he is gone.  Shag is a big, happy boy that needs leash training but does know how to "sit" nicely.  We had a great play time and the P.C. Animal Welfare League is amazing.  Great facility and spotless!  


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