Life has been a bit hectic and I have been overly long in posting. The house is full of crazy playing doodles (even Lacey is joining in on the fun). A couple of weeks ago DRC, Inc contacted me to see if I could foster a couple of girls who were being rehomed due to a death in their family. How could I say no? These girls were tightly bonded to their late dad and were a bit dazed and sad from all the sudden changes in their lives. DRC, inc. contacted me on Wed. 10/19 and on 10/21, Lina & Jonathan some wonderful DRC volunteers drove from the Florida panhandle to our front door with Ginger & Lexie (about a 7 hour drive one way). Ginger & Lexie had been with Lina & Jonathan for about a week and Lexie had already attached herself to Jonathon.

The 2 footers stood and chatted as the 4 footer (except Lacey) got to know one another. Even 5 month kitty Tessa came to meet & greet our new house guest (and let them know in no uncertain terms that G & L were lower in the pack than her). Finally it was time for Lina & Jonathan to say good-bye to start their trip back to Florida. Good thing I had a box of tissues close by as there wasn’t a dry eye in the house when they left.

Lexie sat looking through the glass panel of our front for 2 days. Every now and then she would give a small, forlorn howl as if asking “what is going on and where are my people?” Ginger on the other hand was more resilient; expressing interest in the house, fenced yard and all the 4 footers.

It took Lexie about 4 days to settle in and feel comfortable. She and Harlow have a constant game of tag going on. Ginger and Lacey play much more quietly together in the house, but Ginger is just as rough and tumbling playing in the yard with Lexie and Harlow.

The doodle sisters are house trained and are solid on their Sit, Down, Stay and Come commands. I am embarrassed to say they listen to me better than my own pack.
It is a bit hard to pick out which girl is which, but Ginger has a small white mismark in the shape of a heart on her chest. Lexie has a bit curlier "mane".

Here is Ginger showing she knows her stuff when it comes to Sit/Stay

Here is Lexie smiling like she is saying "I am the prettier doodle"...

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Thank you once again, Nina, for taking these girls into your home and your heart. They look like sweethearts!

Nina -  Thank you for your availability and willingness to step up and bring these doodles into your loving home especially on such short notice.......they look so dear and my heart just goes out to them and to you!

I love seeing their huge doodle smiles!!


After just going through a death in my own family I am amazed at the smiles on these pretty girls!  I don't know if I would be as resilient as they have been with so much sadness and change.  Thank you Nina, these two girls will love your home and love the forever home you find for them.

what sweethearts. thanks Nina for taking them into your pack and loving them through their grief!


Thanks for helping them through their grief.

And you made me cry again....but I feel so happy for Lexie and Ginger that they are now in your and Phils care. Wonderful girls, miss them dearly, wish for only the best for them. Give them couple more hugs from me and Jonathan!


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