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What a great collection of happy endings!
If you have any update e-mails from your foster dogs adopters, send them to me and I'll make PDFs and post them.......
I LOVED reading all those happy tails! Jacquie - if you are ever having a icky day, I hope you re-read all these letters and understand the good that you do!
So funny Frannie!....I do go in and read them when I'm having one of "those" am so glad that you like it...I still need to post all of our Happy Tails" discussions from our "former" site in the Happy Tails group.....I think I'll start doing that tonight and include the letters in there as well.....

BTW-"Someone" has already copied, pasted and stolen some of these letters......Unreal!
I love that tab. I am obsessed with hearing about these doods after you place them with their forever families. Amazing how wonderful their life ends up :)
OH! I was so excited to see Elvira had sent an update about Cooper...I've been wondering how that little love muffin was doing!!


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