This is Bella!  Although I found her at an ASPCA, I attribute being able to find the right  dog for me to Doodle Rescue.  I applied for several wonderful younger doodles and in the process, with numerous very tactful emails from Kim, I realized an older dog was more appropriate for me.  Bella is 7.  She is obedience trained, affectionate and smart as a whip. and I don't understand why anyone turned her in.  I adore her and hope to have her become a therapy dog.  Thank you Doodle Rescue, especially Kim.  

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Bella is beautiful and she sounds like a real gem! So glad you two found each other! I look forward to hearing about your adventures together doing therapy work!

Kim rocks! She is very intuitive about what dog is right for which person. :)

Congratulations, Sharon.  Bella is adorable.  Thank you for finding her.

Bella is so beautiful in person. She is kind and demure just like her new mommy. I'm lucky to have Sharon as a neighbor. ❤️

So nice for both of you!

Thank you Amy.  And thanks for all the help you gave me throughout the process.  

Thanks Amy.  And thanks for all the help and support you gave me throughout the process. As neighbors go, the feeling is mutual!


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