These 8 10-week-old labradoodle puppies were relinquished to DRC volunteer and rescue partner Elizabeth Gunn of Gunn Dogs Rescue by a BYB in Arkansas. The DRC and Gunn Dogs are collectively caring for them.

There are 3 chocolate girls and 5 boys, chocolate and black.

These babies are severely malnourished, flea and worm infested, have various skin conditions, eye and ear infections, diarrhea, and giardia. They have never seen a vet.
(Their parents also have never been seen by a vet. Gunn Dogs and the DRC were unable to negotiate the release of the parents with this "breeder".)

These puppies were starving, dehydrated and lethargic when they arrived. Initial vetting indicates that they are Parvo free but they need to be closely monitored for symptoms over the next few weeks and fecal tests will need to be repeated with or without presentation of symptoms.They all required sub-cutaneous fluids and they are being treated for all the various infections along with the worms and giardia. Elizabeth is also providing them with electrolyte supplements and high calorie puppy food.

We are in the process of finding suitable fosters/care-givers. Needless to say, the task ahead of us is huge, but I have no doubt that the day will come when all of us here will smile at photos of 8 healthy, beautiful doodle puppies, going to their loving forever homes.

We need your help to make that day a reality.

Please make a donation to the DRC on behalf of the Arkansas Puppies. Any amount will help so much. And thank you, DK Family, for your generous and caring hearts, from the bottom of mine.

All donations made through the "Chip-In" link below will go directly toward caring for the Arkansas Eight:
The puppies thank you, too!

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Jac, can I send you a check? It's from an account I don't have linked to PayPal.
Absolutely. It can be sent to the rescue address in Montclair. Thanks Patty!
What kind of volunteer help do you need with these puppies. I live in Austin, Texas and would be willing to foster them if needed. I'm not working and would love to spend my days nurturing these pups.


Phyllis, thank you so much for your generous offer. Someone will be in touch with you.
Thanks Karen. It's good to know I can send a check for these things - turns out I was able to do it from the account that's linked to PayPal. It's extremely gratifying to see the ChipIn total going up throughout the day!

Does Elizabeth have everything she needs to take care of these dogs? Should we be thinking about getting kibble, etc to her?
Oh happy day - PAY DAY!

I made another donation today for the pups' care. How are they doing?
So far so good; they are eating well & gaining weight!
Great news! I'm sure we are watching them carefully for giardia and Parvo.
Looks like we have names selected for these babies!

Kinsey (Alfred Kinsey)
Marie Curie
Nash (John Nash)
Virginia (Apgar)


Temple Grandin!
I'm so glad the pups are doing better. I'm hoping to adopt one of the girls and I'm happy to foster another here in NY if you need a place. If there's anything else I can do, please let me know.
LOL- everyone is hoping to adopt one of the girls; everybody wants a chocolate female. Poor little black boys.


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