As many of you know, on July 20th we will have to begin paying for our free NING website. Our website is a critical component of our rescue efforts and facilitates our abilities to save, place and maintain relationships with rescuers, adopters and supporters. I am in the process of exploring ways to offset the $250 a year website costs through advertising, partnerships, sponsors, grants and fundraising.

I invite you ALL to participate!

I would personally appreciate any and all ideas and suggestions as we continue to search for ways to supplement our finances in order to achieve this.



Once again, I THANK YOU for your continuing support and for being part of our DRC family!


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Email me the correct address and I'll send you a check for $25.00 tomorrow. If every member just sent $5.00, we would have enough to maintain site for quite a while. Also, as advertsing partners, how about the companies we KNOW produce the good food for doodles-we could establish a fund for grooming, medical care, special foods or medicines etc. that a foster might not be able to provide. Thanks for all of your efforts on behalf of doodles and critters everywhere.
Hi Jacquie
We would be happy to send in a little money to help with the DRC website costs. Please let us know how you would like this sent...via check to you or the "chip in" payment option. We are so appreciative of all you folks at DRC do to rescue dogs and are so grateful for our Barcley!
The Linnells
Do we still have DRC items for sale on Cafe Press? We need to get the link back up for that. That might bring in some $.
and I have been in contact with 2 vendors that I love! not only their products but their service is incredible! I am just awaiting their approval to add to our items for sale. keep you posted.
I love this idea. I think "Doodle Nuts" (like me) are always looking for Doodly products.
I just submitted a grant narrative to Dogtime for a $500 and $150 Technology Grant......
One of the rescue groups I have followed does an on-line auction. Not really sure how it works to organize, but from my end it was the same kind of items you'd see at any silent auction, some dog related, some not - baskets of doggie supplies, vacation house rentals, jewelry, hand-made goods, tickets for various events, grooming services.
Could you post the address so those of us that would like to send a check can do so?
Doodle Rescue Collective, Inc
2 Prospect Avenue
Montclair, NJ 07042
Is there a Pay Pal option?
Thanks for the address-look for our check! Keep up the good work.
Thanks, Linda!


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