Three DRC directors each saw the listing of the big shaggy grey doodle in a kill shelter in Ohio today. They put their heads together to help him come to safety in our rescue.


The only information that the shelter could or was willing to provide us with was that a woman from a "rough neighborhood" had dropped him off at the shelter stating he was a stray from the "other side of town".


Once surrendered, he calmly walked into his pen at the dog shelter. When we called the dog pound today we discovered this big 80 lb boy who I had already decided to call "Moses" was not acting well. He was lethargic and drooling on the floor of his run and since the dog pound did not have access to any veterinary care for their dogs, he was scheduled to be euthanized by heartstick at the end of the day.


The DRC angels immediately went into action!  Within 15 minutes, one of our Ohio volunteers was on her way to the dog pound. She managed to carry poor Moses out to her vehicle and then drove him immediately to her vet hospital where they feverishly worked to determine his problem and treat him accordingly.


It was clear he was experiencing excruciating pain in his abdomen. His belly had multiple blunt force inflicted bruises and he was in tremendous pain when touched. He also had extensive bruising around his eyes and around his face also the result of some blunt force trauma. The x-rays showed he had free fluid in his abdominal cavity and he was dripping blood from his penis.


A needle tap revealed that Moses was bleeding internally into his abdominal cavity and bloodwork revealed that his kidneys had already begun to fail.


The vet and I conferred and it was determined his injuries were just too severe and too far gone for Moses to survive.


So dear Moses was humanely euthanized and he passed over the Rainbow Bridge with the wonderful and compassionate vet and veterinary assistant calmly at his side.


We don't know if this poor boy was beaten by an animal abuser or hit by a motor vehicle but his injuries were consistent with those received from a beating.


We did everything in our power to give him the chance at health that we'd want any dog to have. And when the tough decision had to be made about his fate, we were there for him too.


God bless you Moses.



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I cried all night last night. But somehow, now, reading your sweet words, it all seems more in perspective. Back to saving more doods...


Thank you so much

Kate McNally

Thank you for trying so hard for this guy.  You are right, we need to help our shelters too, and not just our rescue.  Perhaps he could have been treated sooner if they had a staff vet to either help him or get him into our hands the moment he came in.  Still, such a sad story I can't think of it without tears in my eyes.
I just can't help but think how this big boy's life would have been so much different if there had been a Kathy Janes in his life.  Is there not a list of all shelters and pounds in the country, that we could utilize to provide access to DRC's contact info available for whenever a doodle come in?
Sadly, there isn't a comprehensive list.  Some of the DRC folks have been building lists of kill shelters and try to check them frequently.  Basically, any rescue group has to file directly with a shelter and even then they sometimes won't call us right away.  That's what happened in the case of poor Moses.  What is amazing is that they listed him on Petfinder, knowing that he was sick and hurting!


Your words say it all!  I'm so grateful I was able to reach you and you were able to immediately run over to help this boy. My panic turned to  calm when I knew you were "on the job". I felt so powerless being >1000 miles away. We need to continue to support these shelters. The workers in these shelters are so poweless themselves. The workers at this shelter were profuse in their gratitude that we would take Moses.

The shelter worker told me he would send out a humane officer to visit the woman who brought poor Moses with his fatal injuries to the shelter. I hope something can be done about that.

Thank you for being here for our dogs.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Danette.  The power of love is a wonderful thing.
Absolutely heartbreaking! I am glad he was at least with caring humans to help him cross.l Rest in peace, Moses!

OMG Liz :(  This is the baby you had called me about :(  I am so saddened to hear the fate of Moses........I wish there were stricter laws on how people treat all animals.  I am so glad you were able to find someone to get Moses, I still feel awful about not being able to do it.

Moses is in a better place, where no one will ever hurt him again.  He was beautiful and heis now one of our doodles' guardian angel.  Rest in peace Moses, please know there are humans who are not mean and truly loved you unconditionally!!!


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