I WANT TO HELP more! Every day I look at those doodle faces, knowing how many need homes and special care. I am frustrated there isn't more I can do to help. Then I thought of an idea....

The biggest need for our rescued doodles is medical care. I can do a FUND RAISER to help DRC with some of these expenses. I am a Mary Kay consultant (for many years), and if you do not have a consultant, and are interested in MK products for yourself or holiday gifts, I will DONATE ALL PROFITS (furever, whenever you order from me!) from all sales to Doodle Rescue members.

Shopping is simple, and together we can all do a little more! Purchase your favorite skin care products or holiday gifts through my website, and you can help a little more, or a lot! I mail products all over the U.S., and you get FREE shipping, direct to you, or to your gift recipient with a note from you. You can even try products before you buy— I can mail free samples. (And yes, all products are still satisfaction guaranteed.)

Shop online from home at www.marykay.com/sparkerharms. If you order through my website, please note that you are a DRC member, and I will let you know how much $$ your order will give to DRC. If you'd prefer a brochure by mail, I can do that too. Email me directly at sparkerharms@marykay.com. If you live locally (N. Tampa, FL), I'll deliver in person, I'd love to meet your furry friends. Ginger would love to go with me on deliveries, maybe I'll bring her too!

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Wow Susan that sounds a fabulous idea. I live in Canada so can't use your products but I hope this works out for all DRCer's, the doods and you.


That is so very kind and generous of you. There are so many sick doodles who will benefit from your help!  Let's hear it ladies... get your mary Kay cosmetics and skin care products AND help sick doodles in need!

I sent you a message.  I have been wanting to try Mary Kay.

Nancy, your samples went in the mail today. I look forward to meeting you on my next visit to your area!
I am happy to donate, and if anyone else is considering this, know that approx. 40%-45% of every order over $40 will be donated for doodles (smaller orders that require shipping will yield a smaller donation). If you would like to see the holiday gift ideas, visit my website at www.marykay.com/sparkerharms. I recommend the Peach Satin Hands set (see picture below), just $34 it smells wonderful and soothes rough dog-washing hands as well as feet! (There is also a fragrance free set.)

Thank you Nancy Haver for your purchase of Mary Kay products, and giving me the chance to donate my profits to HELP THE DOODLES! It is not too late for others to purchase holiday gifts or their favorite MK items and help the rescue organization at the same time. Free shipping, view new products and gift ideas at www.marykay.com/sparkerharms

Can't wait until I get my new make-up in the mail.  I am looking forward to trying new items.

I received my Mary Kay products today and can't wait to try my new make up out.

Thank you to those who have purchased products! I will be making another donation to doodle rescue on your behalf shortly. If anyone else is interested in learning more about this fundraiser, please post your questions here (others probably have the same question).

For every doodle rescue member who purchases MK products from me, I will donate all profits for our beloved doodles. I have a website where you may shop online or just browse...new products every quarter! You may either call, email, or submit an order through my website, www.marykay.com/sparkerharms, free shipping in the U.S.


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