I saw on Petfinder there is a labradoodle in the Pomona, NY shelter.  This is our local, no-kill shelter, but I was wondering what the procedure was for getting her out and possibly into a foster situation.  She is considered a "senior" at six years old(!) and is being treated for a thyroid condition.  Here is the link....





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Some private rescues/shelters will work with other rescue groups and some won't. Those that won't will not allow another group to pull a dog. If they do allow that, there would have to be an available foster home for the dog to go to after being pulled from the shelter.Our DRC administrators handle this kind of thing. You can best reach them by e-mailing a note with the link to director@doodlerescuecollectiveinc.org

Thanks...I will send the e-mail now.


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