Hello! I wanted to know what's the average length of time for a doodle to be in foster? I know it depends on the individual doodle, but just wanted to get an idea.

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It can be anywhere from 2 weeks to two months, and occasionally longer when the dog is being treated for a health issue. 

Yep. 2 weeks for cute lil pups with no problems, 2-3 months for older dogs or dogs with behavioral or health issues.

If you are thinking about volunteering as a foster note that it is a great feeling when you see your foster pup go home with a loving furever family but it can be a sad time too. Unfortunately there are so many doodles that need rescuing you don't get a lot of time to dwell on your loss, just get ready for the next lucky pup that comes into your life.

We have a young male that we think is ready for adoption and is not picture'd.


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