I'm a distance runner, 3-6 miles a run.  Are doodles good runners?  I understand like people they would have to learn to run and get in shape to run, but just like people not all dogs like to run.  I have a 14 year old golden that when he was younger, off the leash run all day, put the leash on him and he's board not interested in running any more.

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Doodles tend to be athletic dogs.  There is a social website for doodle owners/lovers called doodlekisses.com that you might want to join and post this question there.  I know there a are quite a few members who do run with their doodles, but a discussion there would give you what they have found with their doodles rather than me just saying what I read.

Depends on the dog and the age of the dog I think. Note that all large breeds can be susceptible to hip dysplasia, running would aggravate this. And expecting a 14 year old dog to run 3-6 miles is a bit like expecting your 75 year old Grandma to come with you!


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