We are hoping to go see this dog, but I emailed asking about their 501(c)(3) number, as I cannot locate it on their website or their Adopt-a-Pet page, and I've received no reply. Wondering if anyone has an opinion, experience, or advice how to decide about the legitimacy of a rescue? My stepmother has a rescue in Nashville, and all the pertinent info in on their website. So I'm not sure what's considered "normal", because that's what is "normal" to me.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Shannon :-)


(Sorry if this posted twice... I'm new to this particular type of forum. I tend to use Listserv for discussion groups. Thanks for your patience!)

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They are not listed on Guide Star: http://www.guidestar.org/SearchResults.aspx

That's usually the best way to check the legitimacy of a rescue group.

There is an organization called Petropolis here in Illinois, but that's the only non-profit by that name registered with the government. 

Thank you!

I've asked them if they are new or something, and waiting for their paperwork to be processed. But they have not replied, so I am guessing we won't be seeing this dog tomorrow either. Which kind of is a drag, since he's so adorable.

Well, I would wait until they contact you. They do seem shady, though. It is very, very rare of a puppy this young to be in rescue, and I cannot find any mention of them anywhere on the internet. 

Karen - I am thinking the very same thing - a dog that young and that cute with highly sought after parti coloring - isn't in a rescue.  Shady indeed.

Usually if it seems to good to be true, it is.

We adopted a dog from a rescue in September.  They claimed to be a rescue but when we got home, their tax id number was invalid, our puppy was very sick, had no microchip, vet papers had no vet name on them, etc.  They are now no longer listing animals under their previous name. This rescue looks VERY much like the one we got our dog from. Same area too!  I believe that they just changed their name.  If you look at the types of dogs that are listed, they only have a few breeds.  They will continue to only have those breeds and sometimes add another one here or there to mix things up.  We filled out the application and never heard back from them.  One weekend, they sent an email saying that they had a doodle for us but if we wanted her we had to meet that day. We met in a public place.  They never asked to look at our home.  Of course, I was not educated on rescues at that time and just saw a sweet face that needed a home.  I love our sweet puppy but she was very sick for a long time.  I would wait and adopt from a rescue that you can verify.  This one looks too much like the one that we got ours from. 

Thank you! We just skipped them, even though that was an adorable dog. My stepson keeps saying that as long as we are "saving a dog" regardless of the bad deeds of the "rescue", aren't we still saving a dog. There might be some merit to that, but mostly I think it just encourages the "bad" people, the puppy mill fronts, etc.

My stepmother has a well-regarded rescue in Nashville, and they are extremely cautious about their adoptions. So I expect more of that kind of interaction.

There was a dog available in Las Vegas on Friday that was EXACTLY the dog we are seeking: an (expected-to-be) LARGE beautiful Goldendoodle named Katniss. We were thinking about driving out there on Sunday but by Saturday night she was already adopted! I was pretty bummed, but I am sure she now has a great home, so that's good.

We've spoken to some other friends who do fostering and rescuing and they both told me that, when you have issues that require a specific dog, it *can* be ok to go to a reputable breeder. That, of course, is another whole problem of how to figure out what breeders are legitimate and responsible, etc. Ugh. I guess for now we shall just wait and keep monitoring and see if another "Katniss" shows up on Adopt-a-Pet or PetFinder.

Thanks for all the input and advice!!!

Shannon - are you in CA ? I hope you have put in an application with us. We have two dogs here in CA that are listed and two that are not yet listed and there are always more waiting in the wings if I had fosters they'd already be in the program.

Hi! Yes, in Los Angeles. I can't recall if we've done an adoption application on this site! I know my husband has done some too, and I've done a few over the last several months. I know I filled out a large questionnaire to join this forum. :-) I will click that link at the top and see if it looks familiar. :-) Thanks!


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