Why are some dogs shown in the middle of the web page as adoptable dogs and some are published as adoptable by their rescue person in the blog post?  Is there a difference in policy on these dogs?

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Elizabeth, some fosters choose to write a blog about their foster dog. These are just stories a foster writes so that people may get a clearer picture of the dog.Many of those you may see were poisted some time ago, and the dogs are long since adopted. Others are dogs who are currently available, some of whom have Petfinder listings in the "middle of the web page" and some of whom have not yet been listed. It takes time for the listings to get posted on Petfinder, and sometimes, the foster needs time to evaluate the dog before they are listed. There are a dozen dogs currently in the program who are not yet listed.

The blogs are unrelated to the adoptability of a dog. All adoptions go thru the same procedures, and begin with an application. .

If you wait to apply until you see a dog listed who you think would be a good match, you may be waiting a long time. There are hundreds of approved applications already on file, and some dogs go directly to one of these homes without ever making it to Petfinder. Submitting an application in no way obligates you to adopt any dog, it just gets you approved and in position to act when and if you do see a dog listed who might be a good match. 

Thanks for your explanation.  I didn't realize that the "adoptable dogs" section consisted of listings on Petfinder. I have an application started, but not quite ready to submit.  Again, thanks.  Your reply was full of good info for all us newbies!  


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