As some of you may know, Charlie and Daisy came from a very disruptive and sad home. Charlie became Daisy's protector as the two doodles tried to live among humans who were troubled. Charlie developed a "reputation" as being very protective of his sister to the point that Daisy was very fearful of being a carefree dog. DRC made the difficult decision to separate them in foster care and observe how they do.
I'm so please to say that Charlie is just the sweetest doodle on earth!! He plays nicely with all my dogs yet is very happy sitting by himself. He's gotten the vet's clean bill of  health. Unfortunately his mats on his beautiful white fleecy coat extended down to the skin, even to his lips and between the pads on his feet. So our boy has been shaved down and he is currently wearing a homemade fleece dog coat day and night as he adjusts to being "naked". I think he would be a terrific doodle in a home with older children who know how to act with a dog. With an obedience course he would be a wonderful family member. Here's a couple of pictures of Charlie before his shavedown, with our vet, Dr Larry Pennington, and sadly after his shavedown.

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Yup......He's a baldo alright......That's OK..... it grows in quickly....
Hold your head up high Charlie and be proud when you walk by that mirror! You're a handsome dude with hair or hairless - - and you got a new coat because of it. :-)
Oh Charlie you are still a very handsome dog. Besides, as any doodle will tell you its better than the cone of shame.
What a handsome boy even bald! I'm sure he's alot more comfortable now!!
As one says to one's children, it's only will grow back! Charlie, you're beautiful either way, and your future is beautiful, too!
He is bald, but it grows back! Love the middle photo of him smiling. He looks terrific.

I have said it before, but Taquito was picked on, his food was stolen, etc...from his siblings. I got him at 9 months and he has done much better without his siblings. So I know the DRC made a good decision about Mr. Charlie!
We've all been there before Charlie!...bad haircuts do grow out...your beauty shines through your baldness :)
Oh Liz. Poor Charlie. He looks far more doodley than Daisy, who now resembles nothing so much as a lost little lamb :)
Seeing him before the great shavedown lets us know what a pretty boy he will be again soon! He might be cold right now but I'll bet he is so much more comfortable without the mats pulling on him.
I have tear streaming down my face looking at him naked! I know there was no choice but the reality is still a shock!
By spring he will have long flowing locks again!
Think about how much more COMFORTABLE he now. He doesn't care how he looks. All he knows is he doesn't have those painful matts everywhere :)
When I see them bald, I just want to eat 'em up! I love their funny bald bodies! He'll be a handsome harry dood again in no time. Trying to rub that body through the photo . . . . . hmmmmph . . .


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